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Thread: Can Mariota Be A Real Threat To Carr

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    If you think Gruden is going to polish the turd and somehow salvage Pussyboy, you need to think again.

    Gruden and Mayock surely know that trying to polish the Carrturd is an exercise in futility.

    If Pussyboy was half as good as his supporters claim he is, we'd be able to move him for a high draft pick. He's not and we can't.

    Nonetheless, the turd will be flushed. Just a matter of time. Gruden's hand is already on the flusher handle.

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    It would be STUPID to move a top 12 QB in the league with NO backup plan except to draft someone or put in a guy who was just benched by another team.

    Soooooo glad Gruden and Mayock are not that dumb.

    If Gruden didnt want Carr here anymore he would have let him go a long time Cooper and like Mack.

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    Top 12 huh ?

    What do you think a top 12 QB is worth ?

    Does this look top 12 to you ?

    Gruden needs to flush twice. Just to be sure.

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