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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Quote Originally Posted by superraider View Post
    and north korea is coronavirus free....!
    remember worldwar z north korea had everyones teeth pulled out "so no biting" lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    throwing a fit still,huh...818 can you give the kid a teat so he can stop crying already
    lol he's gone. knocked Phishy out awhile ago, he didn't even say goodnight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperRaider View Post
    Japan is now going into lockdown; for some reason in japan the coronavirus has not spread as fast....but that could be more to do with doing very few testing in that of now it starting to spread like wildfire; so they have to do a lockdown....

    I think every where in the world; the death rate about the same from coronavirus but it just that other countries like china; russia and etc, are just messing with the data by not giving the full truth about the death...
    The reason Japan and South Korea haven't had a huge problem is because they all wear masks. There's over 30 million KimChi in Seoul, they got it under control. So far in Japan they've only had a handful of deaths and they haven't even been doing social distancing. The nips are crammed into Tokyo like sardines. Hasn't spread like crazy in those cities. Not like it has here in NYC.

    The reason it's not as bad a problem over there, even though they're congested as fuck and don't practice social distancing ---- is because every single one of those gooks HAS TO wear a mask when they go out. No choice involved. It's the law.

    Over here, we have ASSHOLES like FAUCI telling people they don't need to wear a mask.

    Masks will help prevent you from spreading Carrona if you already have it and will help prevent you from getting it if you don't have it.

    Every citizen in the USA should be required to wear a mask when they go outside and when they are at work.

    It's that fucking obvious and that fucking simple. This shit has been made much worse by ASSHOLES that tell people they don't need to wear masks. Fauci should be fucking shot.

    As for North Korea and China....they have the best system for stopping Carrona....they just shoot and bury anyone that gets it. Works like a charm !

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    It is so fucking OBVIOUS that Carrona is highly contagious. It's AIRBORN in addition to surviving on surfaces. It gets into your body and replicates through your mouth, nose and eyes.

    Wearing a mask absolutely will HELP you from SPREADING it or CONTRACTING it.

    DOCTOR818 knows ! Is DOCTOR818 the only person with COMMON SENSE ?


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    If everyone wore a mask, protected their eyes, practiced social distancing and washed their hands --- this shit is over in a few weeks.

    Instead we listen to fauci the fool. Assclown fauci would close down the usa forever if he could. He is a liar about masks. He needs years of studying and clinical trials before he's willing to try already fda approved drugs to battle carrona.

    That motherfucker fauci should be sued for malpractice and then shot.

    You heard it here first !

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    All these fucking medical geniuses and experts.....pffffffft.

    Just a few people with common sense and leadership skills could have saved thousands of lives and trillions of dollars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    There's a cunt on FOX right now saying wearing a mask isn't that important. Another genius 'doctor'.

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    How many masks and protective equipment could 6 TRILLION dollars buy ?

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    RAIDER brothers and sisters, use your brains and common sense. Practice social distancing. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Change your clothes and wash them. This aint that fucking hard.

    Even the moron Carrbage supporters should be able to understand this !

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    Doctor818 would have advised president TRUMP to prohibit any non-citizen from entering the USA from China as soon as it was obvious this shit was exploding in Wuhan.

    Anyone suspected of having Carrona would have been aggressively quarantined.

    There would be free masks and eye goggles and sanitizer everywhere.

    This shit would have been over before it even got started.

    Still not too late President Trump. Fire that quack fuck Fauci. Quarantine Cuomo City. Quarantine every metropolitan 'hot spot'.

    Make it a rule that you have to wear a mask. Start distributing free masks, goggles and hand sanitizer to every citizen. Even the fucking illegal aliens.

    Shit is over within a month and we come ROARING back.

    TRUMP 2020

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