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Thread: Antonio Brown Conversation With Gruden

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    Antonio Brown Conversation With Gruden

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    That's pretty funny.

    Clown is one sick puppy.

    Big Chest would be wise to lawyer up, shut the fuck up, and stay off of social media until the civil and criminal charges against him are resolved in court.

    He's looking at a lengthy suspension even if some team would be willing to sign him.

    Hard to imagine AB ever playing in the NFL again.

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    It won’t happen.
    But this is why Gruden is dreaming about it....

    On paper...

    T-Will (hopefully no longer jogging routes because of his foot)
    1st RD rookie (CeeDee/Jeudy/Ruggs/Viska etc)
    3rd RD rookie

    Again on paper...that’s the #1 WR core in the NFL. Gruden is probably drooling at the thought of this.

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