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Thread: Nigel Bradham is now following the Raiders on IG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by APROVO View Post
    I see you. Hey im just SICK and TIRED of the LB position getting ignored. The mentality has been for wayy to long "We'll get a LB or 2 LATE in the Draft. Sign some low tier ones in Free-Agency" and whats one of our most weakest spots on the team YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT? Fucking Linebacker
    Our whole defense has been weak for 20 years. Last year the linebacking was as bad as its been since I can remember. We will draft a couple this year. Have some faith in Mayock, that he will find one in the 4th or 5th round. He found Moreau, Crosby and Renfroe in those rounds last year. And maybe he grabs another in the 3rd. Or trades down in the first and picks up an extra 2nd and drafts one. Mayock will draft 2 LB's this year count on it.

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    Tell the Patriots, Packers, Niners you cant build some of your defense from FA. Sorry, you cannot build an entire defense through the draft. You can build your core through the draft and add peices in FA. Just because Joyner struggled year 1 doesnt mean he will suck year 2 with better talent around him. Second, We have to many holes NOT to add a few starters in FA.

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    Why would we want to spend the 50+ million in cap space we have ?

    Sorry boys, just one addition, and a mid level one at that, is all we want.

    God forbid we actually try to add some players.

    Have to love the logic of we have too many holes to fill to be spending big bucks on free agents !


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    Quote Originally Posted by psly2124 View Post
    Last year our defense added Joyner. He's terrible. They paid top dollar for him, played him out of position. Knowing he can't play in the slot. Waste of money. Defenses are never built through free agency. Agree the linebacker issue needs to be addressed. We most likely will draft two players and sign a free agent. We haven't draft a linebacker in two years. It seems every year we address two issues in the draft. Two years ago in was o tackle and d tackle. Last year in was corner and DE. This year it will be LB and WR.
    CeeDee Lamb & Kenneth Murray!!!!!

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    let's take one in the 1stand one in the 3rd. I couldn't agree with you more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by APROVO View Post
    CeeDee Lamb & Kenneth Murray!!!!!
    If Mayock feels Lamb is the best receiver in the draft, i'm all for it. I'm not that sold on Lamb, yet. He seems rail thin. I will watch more of him. It's harder to find a starting corner in the 3rd round then a LB. In today's' NFL, a lot of box safeties have been switched to LB. 3rd and 4th round is where you can find them.

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