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    Quote Originally Posted by Raidernation24 View Post
    Suh is old as hell. Javon Hargrave is the next great interior defender.
    If he can solidify our DLine like Hudson has for the OLine....the past what 5 years.....I will take a bite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psly2124 View Post
    If we had a top 10 defense and were a playoff team. Sure go for it. We need draft picks to build the roster first. Every year pro bowl players are available for draft picks. We need to get into the playoffs first and be competitive weak in and weak out before e start giving up draft picks. Trading draft picks for veterans and signing them to big contracts, doesn't work when you have bad teams. We went that route with Richard Seymour and Deangelo Hall. It ends up in failures.
    Didnít we also trade a top 10 pick and a defensive starter for Randy Moss during that mess?
    On the flip side draft picks are great, but we better make them count!!
    Itís why we hired Mayock. We knew our future success would be predicated on finding big contributors in the draft.

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