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Thread: Top 25 NFL Free Agents of 2020

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    Top 25 NFL Free Agents of 2020

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    There's lots of guys on the list that I'd like to see wearing Silver&Black in Vegas.

    Obviously, if we're finally moving on from Carr a bridge QB will be necessary. I'm OK with anyone on the list besides Winston.

    But If I can have just one player, it would be Chris Jones. Not only because he's young and a great player but also because stealing him from KC would weaken our strongest division rival.

    We improve, they get worse.

    I hate Denver more than any division rival, but right now I want nothing more than to take down KC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bk View Post
    Prescott will likely either be franchised or given a long term deal. I'd be surprised if Dallas let's him walk.

    DT: Jones
    S: Harris
    WR: Green
    MLB: Littleton
    OLB: Judon

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    Henry is 20 & Rivers is 16 lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfish57 View Post
    Henry is 20 & Rivers is 16 lol
    That is funny. But the list is oriented in favor of QBs due to their importance.

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    2 Rivers
    Fu#k The Rest

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    shaq barrett

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfish57 View Post
    Henry is 20 & Rivers is 16 lol
    Once a runningback get an injury on his lower part of his body; then he done....I mean Henry right now; might carry the Titans to the superbowl and I hope he does...

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    If money was no object, Brees, Henry, and Clowney. Maybe AJ Green depending on his physical.

    We could get a good 2-3 years out of Brees. Trade Carr and draft a QB to learn under Brees.

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    Oh man!!Just looking at that list and knowing we have two 1st round picks..Our Defense is gona be wayyyy better on 2020!!! LBs & Dlineman galore

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