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Thread: AB Lost His Mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAIDERMAN818 View Post
    Yep. Did he even graduate ? Pretty funny watching some of these brainiacs getting interviewed and they can't even put together a coherent sentence.

    Funny thing is, I've seen Clown in interviews and on Hard Knocks where he doesn't come off as a complete dumbass.

    But how fucking stooooopid do you have to be to put shit like this on social media when you're already being taken to court for sexual harrassment and your career is on the line ?

    Lucky he wasn't arrested for disorderly conduct and verbally abusing the po-po.

    Guy is the perfect storm of ignorance, arrogance, and mental illness.
    I don't know how much money this fool has left, but my guess is he didn't get a degree in Finance & Accounting lol..he will file for bankruptcy within the next 2 years!!

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    Dude is a piece of crap! Only ignorant turds like him turn normal issues racial issues!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnkr View Post
    I guess that old helmet he had didn't protect his brain.
    Lol, lol guess not.

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    Like Mike Mayock said AB is not our problem anymore we tried now lets move on no more AB post Ok Kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by whysoserious View Post
    Like Mike Mayock said AB is not our problem anymore we tried now lets move on no more AB post Ok Kids
    Fu#k The Rest

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    Pretty obvious that AB is bipolar and needs treatment

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorraider View Post
    pretty obvious that ab is bipolar and needs treatment
    reality is about to slap his ass silly and when the bank account goes dry he will be beggin for vet min pay

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    Odell Beckham WR, Cleveland Browns
    New Orleans police obtained an arrest warrant accusing Odell Beckham of simple battery in relation to a locker room interaction he had with a police officer Monday night.

    The Browns' statement: "We are aware of the incident and have been in touch with Odell and his representatives on the matter. They are cooperating with the proper authorities to appropriately address the situation." Beckham was caught on camera slapping a police officer on the back side during the midst of LSU's national championship celebration. OBJ is also under fire at the moment for appearing to hand out wads of cash to players following the game. Nobody was harmed in either instance, but dealing with the police and NCAA is never a great combination.


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    Did you see the video of OBJ tossing something at the cop and then slapping his butt ?

    You see the way he tried to face the cop down ?

    OBJ was completely disrespectful and extremely confrontational.

    The media will try to spin it that he was just being playful and having fun. I call bullshit on this.

    WTF was OBJ doing in the locker room anyway ? What connection does he have to LSU ?

    This is a microcosm of a larger societal problem people are reluctant to address.

    Guess these fucking fools think they're promoting 'social justice' by antagonizing and being disrespectful and exhibiting outright hostility to law enforcement officers.

    OBJ ass slapping a security guard. Clown verbally abusing the cops.

    These fools are out of control. Their mentality is commonplace these days.

    Will only lead to more 'hands up, don't shoot' bullshit, demonizing of law enforcement, riots, and shootings.

    Fucking sad that people are scared to speak up about this, due to the racial factor.

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    Drew Rosenhaus dumps the Clown.

    You KNOW Clown is done when a vulture like Rosenhaus gives up on possibly making any $$$ off him.

    Hope Clown has saved some of the millions he made. Ain't gonna be no mo paydays.

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