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Thread: The Playoff Thread

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    Houston has a problem...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RF4L View Post
    Did the Raiders take over for the Texans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabidraider View Post
    Houston has a problem...
    Yep !!!!!!!

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    Halftime thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by rabidraider View Post
    Houston has a problem...
    Deshaun Watson and Mahomes are both creating big plays with their legs.

    Watching both run, I'm thinking, "We'll never see Derek Carr do that."

    The Raiders, with the exception of Watson and Hopkins, have superior talent on offense to the Texans -- on the line, at TE, RB and other receiver positions. If this is a "team" game, then why did we falter down the stretch while the Texans made the playoffs?

    The fact is that Watson makes the players around him better. He creates plays. He runs for first downs. He sees the open receivers. Even without the best OL in football, he still competes and plays well.

    Texans will have to get their offense going in the second half and shore up their defense to stay in this game.

    For most of the first half, I thought this was another Andy Reid playoff egg laying. Mahomes got him back into the game and actually took the lead.
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    Damn the only team I cold ever imagine giving up a 24-0 lead & 35 unanswered points would be our beloved Raiderrs LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitzrrr View Post
    Well...Houston out scored that # with 10 min left in the 1st LOL
    Yes, they did. Scored 14 on a blocked punt and Hill muff. Have scored 10 points besides that and been outscored 34-0 since you were gloating.

    BTW, didn't see any prediction from you. LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    bro,you need to let go of that dream of mm being our qb,that dude stinks and is injury prone with a noodle arm if mm became our qb you would be asking for carr back guaranteed
    Bass, there's not a chance in hell I'd ever ask for Carrbage back.

    Mariota > Pussyboy

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    I'm not sure the Raiders could have a Monumental breakdown like the Texans have...well Yea I am LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitzrrr View Post
    Lol no reasoning with the guy.

    Its a different QB every week with the Carr haters.
    *Tanehill who throws 80 yards a game while his RB and D take over
    *Marriotta is obviously better because hes a runner (that works long term in the NFL LoL)
    *Winston because he plays 3 flies up with WRs down the field, like its a good thing.
    *Josh Allen because he looks good on some designed runs but the forward pass...uh no.
    *Bridgewater because hed be better throwing to Zay Jones over Thomas. Lol

    The backup QB is the most popular player with fans
    -Bill Parcells

    Parcells knows the haters haha
    WTF are you babbling about ? Why mention Josh Allen ? It would be great to have him instead of Carrbage, but he's not available.

    With the exception of Winston, I'll gladly take any of the QBs you mentioned over Pussyboy.

    I've been consistently advocating for Mariota, not a 'different QB every week'.

    Bass is correct that Mariota has somewhat of a noodle arm, but as I explained, he can complete the 10 yard passes and checkdowns just as easily as Carrbage. And that's all Pussyboy throws anyway. The difference would be that MM would move the chains with his legs, something Carrbage never does.

    MM > DC

    BTW, Texans still stuck on 24 and KC has scored 41 unanswered and is now covering the spread. LMAO

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfish57 View Post
    I'm not sure the Raiders could have a Monumental breakdown like the Texans have...well Yea I am LOL
    Yep. We've NEVER seen that before, but I'm sure it could happen. LOL.

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