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Thread: Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD707 View Post
    and a drop lol
    That pass hit him in the chest.

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    Raiders/Gruden didn't call timeout before 2 min warning?

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    Well boys, that's the season.

    Think we all agreed that this was a make or break year for Carrbage.

    For a while there I would have said that maybe he deserved a shot to be the QB in Vegas.

    Now I'm just praying that we replace his sorry ass no matter what.

    Hey, it's not all bad. Honestly feel we made some progress this year.

    We're on to the draft and free agency !

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    WOW Fangio is an IDIOT !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnkr View Post
    That pass hit him in the chest.
    Well, let's look at the positive here... if Raiders won, Bill O Brien kicked us in the nuts by sitting Watson and other starters... Titans up big, so this game only pushed us back draft wise if we won

    Things that suck.
    1. Losing to Denver
    2. Losing via the refs fucking us in our ass... badly, entire game
    3. Last of our "Oakland" Raiders.
    4. Its official, Carr is not our future if we want to make the Superbowl in the next 5 years.
    5. No watching Raiders on Sunday for a while.. I guess time to go fishing again on weekends.
    6. Have to wait til April for Raider excitement again

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    Lol, not quite over yet.

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    he's STILL throwing 3 yards passes !!!! LMAO !

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    Quote Originally Posted by _db_ View Post
    Lol, not quite over yet.
    I though Denver would have punted.

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    Obviously a catch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAIDERMAN818 View Post
    he's STILL throwing 3 yards passes !!!! LMAO !
    Zero trust in WRs.

    Ateman should not be on an NFL roster. But he’s the guy right now

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