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    Hey fucktard, I didn't throw his son into it. Carrbage did.

    Once your hero posts a video with his son in it, I'm allowed to comment on it.

    Get a sense of humor, you thin skinned douchenozzle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAIDERMAN818 View Post
    Carrbage finally finds someone he can compete with and win. His 3 year old son :

    The Oakland (Las Vegas?) Raiders quarterback posted video of him taking his toddler son DEEP to left field in a friendly soft-toss game ... and the video is straight savagery!!!

    Carr got in the father-son bonding time Wednesday ... and despite showing no mercy on his 3-year-old, he didn't even apologize!!!

    "Sorry ... not sorry ..." the QB wrote of the epic hack.

    Of course, it's all fun and games for DC ... he's known as a GREAT father to his three boys -- and he's constantly posting about parenting his kids the right way.

    And, hey ... sometimes kids gotta learn to lose to get better, right?!?

    As for Derek and his fam's future ... they're going to be heading off to Vegas shortly -- the Raiders are set to complete their move from the Bay Area to Nevada this offseason.

    Which begs the question ... can Carr get a bigger yard to contain his home run swing there???
    Hes also good at ping pong against 8 year olds......hes such a badass

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    Does Pussyboy want a one way ticket to Chicago ??

    Mike Mayock travel agency on line 1 !!!

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    No more pussyfooting around with Pussyboy !
    Even Levi Damien knows the Raiders have to move on from Carrbage.


    Pussyfooting around trading Derek Carr is simply not an option

    Levi Damien
    1 hour ago
    There is a pressing dilemma facing the Raiders this offseason. Roll with Derek Carr or roll the dice and move on from him. The fans seem to be split on this decision. Not everyone for the same reason. My take is that there is only one wrong answer: to play it safe.

    Let me explain this in the best way I can; through movies.

    Probably the greatest film ever made was Shawshank Redemption (fight me). And the most famous line from that film was when Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) tells his friend Red (Morgan Freeman) that it comes down to a simple choice; “get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.”

    This line naturally came across as pretty ominous to Red. Then came the morning when the inmates stepped outside their cells for roll call and Andy was not there, instantly Red’s worry was that Andy had decided to ‘get busy dyin.’

    Red soon found out, after the warden ripped down a poster off the wall of Andy’s cell, that his friend Andy had other plans in mind.

    Seeing as Shawshank is the second most televised film of all time (behind Mrs. Doubtfire), most of you are probably pretty familiar with the film. If not **SPOILER ALERT** Andy escaped from the prison. He broke open a sewer line and “crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side.”

    The lesson here is Andy was decisive. He didn’t play it safe. He took action to ‘get busy livin’. All he would’ve needed to do in order to ‘get busy dyin’ was to do nothing.

    No great story was ever told by people playing it safe. Being great and overcoming the odds takes courage in your convictions.

    Whatever Jon Gruden decides to do with Derek Carr, he must make that decision for the right reason. That reason can’t be because ‘Well…I guess there’s no better option so…” No. You make this decision based on whether you think Derek Carr is the guy who can lead you to the promised land. If he isn’t, you move on. Period.

    You do NOT keep Carr for fear that whomever you replace him with might also not be the answer.

    Need proof that is the wrong approach? Let me tell you a story about another Andy who took a chance and ‘got busy livin’.’ One who happens to be an old friend of Gruden — Andy Reid.

    A couple years ago, Andy Reid had it nice and safe with Alex Smith as his QB. The Chiefs made the playoffs four out of five years Smith was the starter. And they got one playoff win out of it. Reid wanted more. He didn’t want safe. He wanted a championship. And he knew Alex Smith wasn’t the guy to get it for him. So, he traded up in the draft to get Patrick Mahomes. A year later, Mahomes was MVP and a year after that, Reid had his Lombardi.

    I hate to keep ragging on Alex Smith, but the same thing happened in San Francisco. They benched him – their former number one overall pick — in favor of second-year guy Colin Kaepernick and immediately went to the Super Bowl. Then they traded Smith for a second-round pick. The Chiefs later got a third-round pick and Kendall Fuller for Smith.

    Keep in mind that Smith went his final 8 seasons without posting a losing record. He is the definition of a safe move. Carr has had one winning season in his six-year career.

    Yes, yes, wins are not a QB stat. And I am not putting all those losses on him. What I am asking is, what safety are the Raiders getting? What exactly is there to be so afraid of? Dropping further below mediocrity?

    In the end, if Gruden legitimately thinks Carr is the QB to run his offense to its full capacity and make this team into a Super Bowl contender, keep him. If he does not, then you trade him. Because if you keep him merely for fear of a lack of a better immediate option, and the Raiders end up back to hovering around .500 after next season, all you’ve done is put yourself back in the same situation, only this time with Carr holding less trade value and just one mid-first round pick instead of two.

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    “ only this time with Carr holding less trade value and just one mid-first round pick instead of two.”

    This is something many fans are overlooking. Carr’s trade value will plummet if we’re at status-quo next March. That’s literally money being thrown into the fire..

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    Carr has trade value

    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorRaider View Post
    “ only this time with Carr holding less trade value and just one mid-first round pick instead of two.”

    This is something many fans are overlooking. Carr’s trade value will plummet if we’re at status-quo next March. That’s literally money being thrown into the fire..
    His stats look good, which may be enough to fool a couple of teams. He definitely would be a step above Tribusky in Chicago. Indy and the Dolphins might also be interested, depending on if they sign a FA quarterback.

    I actually think Carr's value is about a high second round pick, or maybe a low second and a low fourth round pick.

    If you read other teams' boards, they are all about going after Carr. Remember, Carr looked GREAT in 2016 and some team may be thinking they can coach him back to greatness. For a second round pick, it might be worth the chance.

    Interesting how Gruden and Mayock have said NOTHING about Carr's job security. Nothing. If anything, Mayock said it just as WE see it -- the Raiders will evaluate the QB position, just as they do with every position, and if they can upgrade there, they will. Simple enough.

    My gut feeling is that Carr is done with the Raiders. Gruden and Mayock are in lock step with this decision. They both see a "safe" QB who takes few chances. Carr's floor is higher than many QBs, but his ceiling is a lot lower than most of the young QBs and even a few vets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderman41 View Post

    I actually think Carr's value is about a high second round pick, or maybe a low second and a low fourth round pick.
    Levi seems to think Pussyboy can get us a first round pick in NEXT year's draft.

    Can we get a 1st for Carrbage this year ? I doubt it, but who knows ? Desperate teams do stupid things.

    Personally, I'd trade Carrbage for a bag of rocks.

    Levi's point about trading Carrbage NOW is a good one, though.

    There is absolutely no reason to stick with Carrbage for another year if Gruden and Mayock have determined that Carrbage isn't good enough to take the Raiders to the promised land.

    Actually, Carrbage would have little to no value at all in a trade if it wasn't for his relatively low priced (for a starting QB) contract. Just about everyone realizes by now that he's a mediocre pussy. But if you're desperate for a QB and can get Pussyboy for a year or two, locked in at a reasonable yearly salary, you might give up a 2nd this year.

    To me, the greatest value in moving Carr now is finally getting him off the roster and ridding the Raiders of his Pussyboy stank. If we can get a 1st or 2nd for him, it's an absolute no-brainer.

    It's great that the Raider beat writer is openly writing an article explaining why the Raiders should stop pussyfooting around with Pussyboy !


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    Carr is done

    Carr is done with the Raiders. A lot of smoke surrounding Carr. There is a fire brewing.

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