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Thread: Dc no look ?

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    Dc no look ?

    2nd and 10, 2 mins left.

    Watch the play again.

    Carr hits Renfrow for a first down.

    Take a closer look at that play and tell me Carr wasn't looking directly at the rcvr on the right sideline when he flicked the ball to Renfrow.

    I'm telling you, Carr went no-look on that baby.

    Renfrow was sitting stationary in a dead spot, but Carr's use of his eyes ensured that Renfrow was going to stay open and maybe get some YAC.

    Not a big deal, but I like the little things like this.

    Not a great game from DC and the offense. He did miss Zay early, and he definitely could have scrambled in for an easy score on the missed 3rd down pass to the left corner of the endzone....but he took care of the ball, no turnovers, and how can u not love the continuing pattern of long drives to close out the half and game ?

    Think DC's best play of the night came when he scrambled right, extended the play and hit Richard for a nice gain and big 1st down on the way to the TD before halftime. Richard has been huge in the crunch time drives.


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    Ha, old basketball passer. Small details can make a nice chunk difference. Renfrow has the mind of a QB, so they've slowly developed a solid understanding of where Renfrow should be on certain plays, now Carr is trusting the kid more to be in the spot......going to be a great chain moving zone buster for us.

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    Really did look like a basketball no look pass. Wasn't like Mahome's no look that went viral, but was more subtle with the same effect. Good stuff from DC and Renfrow.

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