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Thread: Week 2 Game Thread - Chiefs

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    Week 2 Game Thread - Chiefs

    Didnít see a thread started already so am adding this one.

    2nd quarter was a shit show. No pressure on Mahomes, secondary getting burned left and right. Itís going to be a long second half if this continues.

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    miscommunication, interception in the end zone.

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    This Chiefs O is just gross! Simply awesome!

    Raiders offense continues to show flashes.
    Not counting the Oline, we have 2 legit pro bowl talents. Waller at TE and Jacobs at RB.
    We need to hit it big at WR in this 2020 draft class.
    If we do, we can have a top 5 legit power on O. get the D fixed.

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    Another pic by Carr.

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    we need more speed at the wr position, JJ Nelson injured and Gafford on the practice squad.

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    why don't we throw to jacobs?

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    Two coverage sacks in a row.

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    Once this game got to the 3rd quarter, this team gave up. The offensive play calling was so conservative. Carr had no urgency in the offense. Chiefs still throwing down the field.

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    WTFUCK, I haven't been able to get to this site for 24 hours!

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    reality check

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