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Thread: Brown charged with rape

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    Except that I never said any of this at all. I said laughing at or mocking him when he does stupid shit is cathartic. It's telling to me when posters only focused on the first half of that. Laugh at him for dumb shit like refusing to find a new helmet. Mock him for being a POS possible rapist (Oh, AB accused of rape? Not surprising from that ego maniac piece of garbage). Not sure what the big deal with this is - considering most Raider fans call Big Ben a rapist quite frequently on here and on other boards. Why aren't you crusading during those times? Curious...
    Cool. Here's some mental gymnastics for you -

    If Antonio Brown was accused of raping your sister, mother, daughter, wife, relative, etc., would you still be laughing at him?

    My guess is you're only able to find it funny cuz it doesn't involve someone that's close to you.
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    Patriots cut ties with Antonio Brown

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