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Thread: Roster Thought Mid Preseason

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    Roster Thought Mid Preseason

    I think a lot of the roster spots are secure

    Ingold looks to have that FB spot unless he falls apart the last two weeks. he is a great blocker who can catch
    Washington is looking good with juice, he will be a nice asset for depth
    thin on the OL so everyone trying for a spot likely is in Kirkland, Sharpe, Parker I think we go 8 OL , could see a TRADE or picking an OL after cuts UDFA go to practice squad
    Carrier seems to be ahead of Wilson on depth chart and has made plays. Could see pt in 2 TE sets with no Cook or L Smith
    Westbrook has shown the ability to get in the backfield, likely makes this team with all the help we need getting to the QB. Vanderdoes goes on IR or cut, I think the latter. Could also sneak Max on IR
    nothing knew emerged at LB, I see backups being Morrow, Cabinda, Lee. Coney to PS unless something crazy happens, haven't heard much from him
    Lawson could get cut, he has sucked and facing a suspension. We have our top 5 CBs, plus Joyner.
    We have our 3 headed safeties Joyner, Abram, Joseph plus likely Harris due to his ST play. Riley has a good shot due to Lawson being suspended, and Joyner playing a lot of nickel
    Unless Harris fumbles a few times against the Packers, he is likely the returner even if Rico is showing his speed and potential
    Glennon is looking good and I give him an edge over Peterman. Gruden might keep Peterman around if he keeps showing heart, but wouldn't be surprised if he is cut
    Only spot I see very tough to pick is WR. We have a good battle between Doss and Grant. Rico is starting to flash too, while Ateman and Hatcher have made plays

    Thoughts? thanks for your time, Go Raiders

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    WR is gonna be a battle...a good problem to have as we are deep in the WR area. Doss I think makes it, but I wold also like Grant, not sure if we can keep them both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrhone View Post
    WR is gonna be a battle...a good problem to have as we are deep in the WR area. Doss I think makes it, but I wold also like Grant, not sure if we can keep them both.
    The Raiders may be able to trade rather than waive a WR.

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    WR-I go with the starters-AB, Ty Williams, Hunter Renfrow. After that, I keep Doss because he has hands and speed and has flashed both. I keep Ateman because of his hands, size, and red zone threat.

    I like Grant and Nelson. Hatcher is out. If we cut Brandon Parker maybe we can keep an extra receiver.

    D Line I'd like to be able to keep both Rush and Westbrooks somehow. Maybe we IR Maxx to start the season and cut Vanderdoes?

    I see both Coney and Lawson getting cut.

    At QB, I take Glennon.right now over Peterman. Shame too because Peterman can run but he can't throw and Glennon seems to be a better leader so far.

    Ingold has won the job at FB clearly.

    At CB Nick Nelson and S Erik Harris were both burned bad on the same play and both have shown nothing so far this preseason. In my opinion they both should get cut. The problem is, the guys they're competing with for a spot, have shown nothing either.

    After the starters left the game last night, the whole secondary was torched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnkr View Post
    The Raiders may be able to trade rather than waive a WR.
    Exactly. A trade candidate may be Ryan Grant. Imagine if we could package him for some help at guard. That would be fantastic.

    This roster is the best I can remember my entire life following this team. Its incredibly competitive at so many positions. The work Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden have done is really to be applauded.

    Backup QB this year wont come from waiver wire.

    RB I think Richard is on his way out. He might not feel it but he is less and less valuable beeing so limited and with Washington showing more as a runner and Jacobs taking most his catches and role on 3rd down. Martin as well I think DeAndre is pushing both of them.

    Wont write about every position but we have some good problems coming at cutting day.

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    Jacobs looked good in the limited time he played.

    Vic Tafur‏Verified account @VicTafur
    Gruden on Josh Jacobs: “I like him. He’s really picked it up fast. We’re really excited about him.”

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    Jacobs didnt hit any homeruns but its would have come with more touches. I like the way he navigated the LOS with his quickness and vision and then the burst to hit the hole and go up field. It jumped off the screen and I think those qualities are what makes him the clear cut best RB on the team.

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    Washington has looked good and may be ahead of Richard. Gruden liked Richard last year because he was able to catch the ball out of the backfield. Washington can do that too. I don't think any of the receivers are worthy of trading and getting draft picks back. I think Grant and Doss make it over Ateman. Ateman goes to the practice squad. I think Richard cold be dealt. He would hold the most value. Maybe to a team like the Cowboys, we've dealt with them before and Zeke is holding out. They may want a veteran when Zeke eventually does sign to give him a breather on 3rd downs. Maybe a trade of Richard for SuaFilo. Or maybe Gruden is showcasing Washington for the trade, that could get us a guard.

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    Richard is a better runner and rcvr than Washington, and it's not even close.

    Washington has done next to nothing in 3 years. Don't understand why people are getting excited over 2 pre-season games when we've seen what Washington is for 3 years now. Mediocre at best.

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    I think we keep 4 RB's: Jacobs/Martin/Richard/Washington and put Butler on the PS again.

    It's important to have RB depth and all of these guys can play.

    As for WR's, we have too many good ones so some tough cuts are coming. AB/Williams/Renfro are locked, then it's a toss up with Grant/Nelson/Ateman/Doss/Gafford (I think we keep 6 and try to get Doss/Gafford to PS).

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