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Thread: Johnny Townsend has been waived

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    i think we sign townsend back if cole fails before king
    I think its personal with Gruden, and I think there are more options out there and if Cole can be better than Townsend and maybe be somewhere in the middle of the pack the coaching staff will be happy. Its a shame since King was literally a top 3 punter in the league with us and he has no one to blame but himself for his antics. I just think that when other guys are getting second chances when they have done far worse and this guy is literally hated for a few celebrations, then its a double standard.

    Aldon Smith has 4 DUI's and was arrested just a few months yet I bet most are willing to have him back...Incognito used racial and homophobic slurs trying be a good teammate...banned for it...Kings infractions? No DUI's, no substance abuse violations, he got a personal foul for celebrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    punte and fg kicker and kickoff is very important to a team especially one like ours whom has struggled badly for yrs,having a great special team give you at least 2 more wins a yr min

    We are also spoiled because we have gotten used to some of the best punters and kickers in NFL history. Lets hope Cole lives up to this standard. They say he has a big leg and a lot of similarities to King.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrhone View Post
    We are also spoiled because we have gotten used to some of the best punters and kickers in NFL history. Lets hope Cole lives up to this standard. They say he has a big leg and a lot of similarities to King.
    i watched cole in pre season and the ball explodes off of his foot vs townsend where the ball floats off of his foot and goes 35 yds if cole didn't have to kick 2 short kicks for field position his avg would have been 50 1st kick went from our 20 to the rams 24 2nd kick went from our 25 to their 15 both yielded only 4 yd total in return yds cause the ball hung up high for a long time allowing our coverage team to get to the returner

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrhone View Post
    I don't know where to start with this one...
    So you are actually saying that if a team is on their own 3 yard line...the ENTIRE playbook is open? Wrong.

    Who said anything about giving up when you are inside the 10 as a starting point? No, but the whole playbook isn't open. Why? You roll the dice and it doesn't work then you give the opponent at best good field position, worse case scenario, you give up a safety, fumble for score or pick six. Thats just strategy 101.

    Points are not the ONLY indication of success for the team...everything a team does helps to get points...including punting. Where on the scoreboard do you get points for stopping a team on 4th and 1? How about a first down when the game is close and there is less than a minute on the scoreboard? No points for that. Does that not mean that wasn't important in winning a game? What about if the game is under 2 minutes and you have to punt, and you are ahead by 4...a great punt may make the difference between winning and losing. Or if you are down by 2 and there is 2 minutes left and you have to punt...a good punt may ensure you can get the ball back down by 2 and with good field position...a bad punt may mean you get the ball back down by 5 or 9.

    And then you contradict yourself...first you say a punter won't help when games...when I pointed out a few ways a punter helps win games, then you say well thats only one way they can help win games...
    I didn't contradict myself. You came up with a 1 ridiculous scenario where you "think" a punter can win a game. How did that work out for the Jaguars last year when they they pinned the Titans on the 1 yard line. Henry busted their hole for 99 yards. Thats how it worked out. Well when you stop a team on 4th an 1...that called a turnover. It's a proven stat that teams that create more turnovers win more games. No where doe sit say if you punt the ball to the 19 yard line, which is inside the 20 hardline and fans get there panties in a bunch over 1 yard. Nowhere on any planet does that win a game. No stat saying well my punter punted the 2 yards more, will that equal X amount of wins. Nowhere. But you bring up turnovers and say that doesn't win games, one turnover affects the score more then every punter combined on every punt. Do you walk around with your head up your ass all day long or do you really believe that nonsense that you type. Teams laugh at punters, they matter as much as the cheerleaders. Hot cheerleaders will distract the opposing team more then your punter. Cheerleaders have actually been credited with more wins then a punter. A cheerleader can bang the snot out of the QB the night before and get him all coked up. Credit the cheerleader with the win, before the punter.

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    I'm just glad that the Raiders coaching staff disagree with you and the importance of a good punter.

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    Good to hear. That kid sucked!

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    Punters, kickers, special teams in general play a massive role in winning .. winning the field position battle usually translates to wining games .. glad Townsend is out .. good luck to Cole

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    Punter are in the game for a reason...Townsend for some reason could not punt in the NFL; at college he was great, so have no idea on what the drop off was...

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    Its good to do it now so Cole and Carson can work exclusively together going foward. I would hope they can figure out who will be the long snaper too soon so the entire kicking battery is set.

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    On the note of holding for Carson, many teams have their backup QBs holding for the kicker. If Cole ends up not being reliable enough to hold for Carson, then get one of the other 51 members of the team.

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