In this thread, we will follow this season my favorite soccer team on earth-Inter Milan!

Serie A season starts soon and it promises to be a most interesting year in Italy and the city of Milano.

Inter will be trying to break the stranglehold of our arch rivals Juventus.

Juventus have won the league 8 years in a row and seem unstoppable. Inter has other plans.

The first big thing to happen at Inter this year was the hiring of Beppe Marotta away from Juventus.

Marotta was the brain behind Juventus. To be able to steal him away from our arch rivals was pure gold.

The second big thing to happen and the first major move of Marotta was a change of coach. Inter brought in Antonio Conte, who is one of the best coaches in the world, with more than a few people who support him as the very best.

The next big thing to happen at Inter this offseason was the addition of Romelu Lukaku.

Big Rom was the centerpiece addition of Inter's offseason. Inter and Juventus were locked in a battle over him with Inter winning out.

I can't wait for the season to start.

Forza Inter!