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Thread: Orchestrated TD Celebrations

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    Orchestrated TD Celebrations

    Wondering what the Raider fans of this forum think about orchestrated TD celebrations.

    Been a pet peeve of mine for a while now.

    Came to mind bcz of AB arriving in a balloon and a whole bunch of guys on other teams making a spectacle of their arriving at camp.

    Seems to be a 'look at me' mindset that's prevalent in today's players.

    I think the orchestrated TD celebrations that were sanctioned by the NFL last year contributes to this mentality.

    Personally, I think the orchestrated celebrations are childish shit and don't find them funny at all.

    Talking about the stuff where one player rolls the football like a bowling ball and his teammates all fall down like bowling pins.

    Or the entire team doing some lame Madonna-like staged dance presentation.

    If I was headcoach, the team policy would be either hand the ball to the ref like Barry Sanders or at most spike it....then get your head back in the game and see whether I'm calling for a two point conversion and be immediately prepared to do your job.

    This policy would extend to doing a sack celebration dance, or signaling 'first down' (especially lame when you're down by 3 TD's).

    I'll never forget the time the Raiders almost blew a game because they were busy celebrating a sack, while the other team was rushing to the line to get a play snapped.

    Be a professional. Act like you've been there before. Be prepared. Keep your head in the game, instead of childish shit. Do your job.

    First coaching staff to mandate this policy wins my admiration.

    Am I being an old fart, No Fun League, party pooper ?

    What's your thoughts on this ?

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    I can't stand it. Terrible for the league.

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    I think its stupid bullshit....but it is what it is.

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    Love it!
    My grumpy ass uncle with a stick up his ass hates it.
    These guys are playing a kids game for a living.
    Pre game shows have fun, post game shows have fun, fantasy leagues have fun.
    People need to stop taking themselves so seriously and have some fun when they succeed!

    AB spends a fortune every year on his body and his craft. When the fruits of his labor show out, I’m all for him showing emotion and celebrating.

    The only time I don’t like celebrating, when your team is down by 40 in the 4th and you celebrate like you win the Super Bowl!

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    Miserable old people who hate their own existence and marriages usually hate these things.

    Most of the TD celebrations are fun.

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    I think its lame when the whole team ends up doing a skit, I prefer the individual spontaneous celebrations.

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    I think most of them are funny. Also I think the league allows it because it attracts the younger viewers. If our guys score early and often, let it be. I'm sure chucky will lay down the law if any of the celebrations costs us yardage or even worse, a score. Until then, let the guys have fun.

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