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Thread: Wish he was never a Raider

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    Wish he was never a Raider

    We all have favorite Raiders. Guys that were great players. Guys that made you want to watch the Silver and Black. Guys that you expected to win with.

    On the other end of the spectrum are Raiders that made you cringe. They might not have been talentless players, but they were just guys that you knew were losers and weren't deserving of wearing the Silver and Black. In short, guys that you wish were never Raiders.

    Feel free to list the Raiders that made you sick, and why you wish he was never a Raider.

    I will start with JaMarcus Russell. This buffoon had the physical tools and arm to be an excellent QB. But he was without a doubt one of the dumbest, laziest players ever to wear a Raider uniform. This dummy couldn't put a coherent sentence together. Was painful to listen to him try to articulate a thought, if he ever had one. I can only imagine what it was like trying to decipher what he was saying while trying to call a play in a huddle. An absolute turd.

    I have quite a few more, like Rolando McClain, but I'm curious to hear which other guys the forum members wish were never Raiders. The player doesn't even have to have been a bust or scrub or turd. Just someone you wish was never a Raider.

    Feel free to list the Raiders you didn't like for whatever reason and vent against them.

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    DeAngelo Hall - 7 year contract played 1 season. Total waste

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    Marcus Allen, the dude is a douche bag.

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    Mine is JaMeatloaf. A lot of wasted talent and JaMarshmellow screwed us on the cap for years.

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    Jat Schroeder. We would of had Jim Lachay as our LT for the next 7 years. And wouldn't have to watch his awful play. If we could of only had a QB during those years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psly2124 View Post
    Jat Schroeder. We would of had Jim Lachay as our LT for the next 7 years. And wouldn't have to watch his awful play. If we could of only had a QB during those years.
    Jay had a rocket arm and the soft touch of a boa constricter. Felt more comfortable with him throwing fifty yards down field than five.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raideriam View Post
    Marcus Allen, the dude is a douche bag.
    What the....

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    Another Raider that I couldn't stand was Anthony Dorsett Jr. Never saw a safety take consistently bad angles and miss tackles like that clown. Had decent speed but was just a lousy player with zero instincts. If I recall correctly, he was partly responsible for the Shannon Sharp 90+ yard TD reception that took the air out of the Raiders even before Tony Siragusa broke Gannon's collar bone in the AFC championship game against the Ravens.

    Wish he was never a Raider.

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    Just to keep this thread rolling, I'm gonna mention a Raider head coach that I couldn't stand.

    Dennis Allen.

    In retrospect, he wasn't a truly terrible head coach, the Raiders didn't have the horses to be very good during his tenure, and the team didn't appear horribly prepared, but the guy just didn't inspire me.

    Don't know how many of the fans here remember the IBABUZZ Raider forum back when Steve Corkran and Jerry McDonald were the local Raider beat writers, but it was great fun talking smack about Dennis Allen's physical appearance.

    Dennis had/has what we call 'man boobs'. Not talking about a fat guy with breasts like a female...Allen was thin...but was still sporting what looked like at least 36c udders. OK, slight exaggeration but you get the idea.

    Wish Dennis 'Tits' Allen was never a Raider.

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    Yet another Raider that I grew to despise....Jason Campbell.

    Jason wasn't the world's worst QB and actually had the Raiders poised to make the playoffs one year. Actually, it was more that DMAC had a career year, but still Campbell was the QB that had us on the verge, until we folded in the final week against San Diego.

    Campbell was just the type of guy that you knew would never get the job done.
    Jason might put together two decent games where he was effective in being a game manager, but you just knew he was going to follow that with an incredibly poor outing.

    Who can forget Campbell breaking his collar bone because the doofus planted himself attempting a ridiculous slide that was two yards short of a first down ?

    Wish Jason was never a Raider.

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