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Thread: Does Anybody CareóModerator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperRaider View Post
    Yeah it getting really stupid because it basically same posters going over the same stuff....and the truth is we did not have any issue like it is now; going back let say 6 month ago....this is a good "free" raider forum and by being free you are not going to have a Moderator as it can take up a lot of time trying police the forum.

    At the end of the day we are all Raider fans
    On point....

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    Quote Originally Posted by psly2124 View Post
    You never answered the question deranged. Are you the pitcher or the catcher? Fucking loser
    Why are you so interested? Hmmmm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    Why are you so interested? Hmmmm...
    Why do you keep responding like you are obsessed like the other asshat?

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