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Thread: Does Anybody CareóModerator?

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    Does Anybody CareóModerator?

    I get how it is plausible that this site is run without much resources to moderate some of the a post activities. For some time now, some months, I keep seeing some of the same posters talking sh...threatening other posters with harm and inciting violence.

    Usually, I would care less and just leave the site or ignore. But, I am a poster from years ago and like the site...this high school bs has gone on for awhile now and I figured to ask if anybody was following up with this type of activity?

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    ok,who wants to pm bob on this issue plus who wants to be a mod ???

    ps the mod has to be respected member and also not have a super heavy hand that squashes heated discussion's minus the over kill stuff

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    Nope BK just cares about premium. I sent him a message directly and never got a response. I'd much rather be on raiderforums while I am at work, but I can't access the site from here, so I am stuck on this site dealing with that philly child.

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    My thoughts also. There are some good and intelligent debates here occasionally, but lately there has been far too much nonsense posted.

    Maybe at the very least we can get a sub-forum created for this non-relevant tough guy talk?

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    you can get a hold of bob via twitter much faster then a pm from this site

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    I agree with that..Assuming all Phillys post and anti Semitic BS is spearheading this thread.That dosent belong anywhere...There will always be trolls like FIB but the hate speech should get you banned..
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    Fu#k The Rest

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    Guys, as Aaron Rodgers once said....R-E-L-A-X.

    It's just an internet forum. There's always going to be obnoxious, annoying, foul mouthed jerks to deal with. That's life. Don't let it get to you.

    If a poster annoys you, just don't read him. Or say what you have to say and move on.

    Moderated comments and the threat of the ban hammer sounds good, but can turn out to be a negative and a real pain in the butt.

    Enjoy the freedom of this forum.


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    Well, that about does it for me on this site. I like to come here to talk about football and the Raiders, now every thread is turning into some epeen bullshit. There are tons of other places for this type of stuff and I just choose not to sift through the crap here. Go Raiders!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crizpynutz View Post
    Well, that about does it for me on this site. !
    well its only 1 or 2 guys on this site that really take it too far so that shouldn't stop you from enjoying this site. we just have to get this guy removed, banned or whatever...

    when RFN went to scout then their were no more moderators here on the site, now that its back still no mods so hopefully BK can ban the culprits and give someone here the power to moderate the site..

    the other site is way over moderated, and even worse in my opinion where they edit your posts, delete your posts, and are banning people for reasons like the mod is so sensitive and he bans someone just because he didn't like what was said, even though the what was said wasn't vulgar, or too harsh, and not a serious attack.
    but this philly guy is just a low life, homophobe, that attacks everyone, and can't have a conversation with people that have a different opinion, and is just a simpleton that can only react with violence and name calling like an insecure bully..... he's got to go.

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