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Thread: On Jan 5th, 2019....

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    On Jan 5th, 2019....

    I presented to the board, boards alike, and all the talking heads in the national sports media, the first inclination and thoughts as to why AB could, should, and would come to the Raiders! There were many variables and criteria that went into AB coming to Oakland, and I damn sure touch upon every damn one of them! I even just about nailed the compensation to a T, as to what Mike Mayock had to pay to get AB in Oakland, not once, but in 2 separate threads!!

    You see my brothers and sisters, there's a few here who have been combating my words ever since I came here to this board to share with you my knowledge of the greatest organization in professional sports!

    Time and time again, my words have been proven nothing but the truth, while the Debbie Downers are slowly but surely disappearing from the board and going into hiding!

    My greatest proclamations hasn't happened yet. But they will! And this is we will reach our destiny and become a modern day dynasty!

    It's coming my brothers and sisters! Believe and trust in what I say to you! Threads like these shouldn't make it hard to see why!

    Go Raiders and in Reggie, Mark, Chucky, and Mike Mayock I trust!

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    Lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Lolhahahahahalol hahaha rotfl!

    *great song tho!!

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    Are you delusional in saying you nailed the compensation for AB. You said moving a late first round pick or a 2nd and 5th. How is a first round pick close to a 3 and a 5?

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    A late first or a 2 and a 5 was what I thought it would take to get him. It ended up being a 3 and a 5. All the antics since I wrote the thread to actual trade day, drove down his value a little bit.

    The second thread I wrote stating the compensation for AB, post some of the antics, I said it would be similar to the Jarvis Landry trade to the Browns, which was a 4 and a 7. 3 and a 5 is similar. Obviously AB is the better WR, so the compensation was a bit better, but again, similar.

    Go Raiders and in Reggie, Mark, Chucky, and Mike Mayock I trust!

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    You like to always change the goalposts. For example you kept saying Carr is the best QB in the history of the Raiders franchise. After everyone laughs at you then you change it to he's the greatest because he will win us multiple super bowls. Carr has been just average at best. Many have speculated this could be his last year with the Raiders if he doesn't play better. And you call him the best in the history of the Raiders! Crazy talk!

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    Carr is going to have most Raiders passing records by seasons end this year if he stays healthy. He is one of the best passers in league history after his first 5 years in the NFL. Carr also has the most career 4th quarter comebacks in league history after his first 5 years. What are you missing here? Put better talent around Carr, which they have, and the wins will come!

    Carr has the best talent and coaching staff he's ever had as a pro. 2nd year in Gruden’s system too. Carr should have his best year yet!

    Go Raiders and in Reggie, Mark, Chucky, and Mike Mayock I trust!

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    Carr is the best sub .500 Raider QB without a playoff win !

    Yeah, we supporting cast....but whose fault is that ?

    Mumbles Mckenzie maybe ?

    No, can't be Mumble's fault....Mumbles is still in the circle of trust !

    Round and round we go.

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    I might give your words some cred, had Reggie not been named executive of the year.

    Carr never had elite coaching until last year. This, his maturation, and increased talent level around him, will result in the wins all of us want to see!

    Go Raiders and in Reggie, Mark, Chucky, and Mike Mayock I trust!

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    Ah, so Carr never had elite coaching until last year...and didn't have a good talent level around him....

    If I'm not mistaken, Mumbles Mckenzie was responsible for assembling an elite coaching staff and providing the great Derek Carr with a stellar supporting cast.

    What went wrong with the 'executive of the year' ?

    On Jan 5th, 2019 you were clueless, and on May 8th 2019 nothing has changed.


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