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Thread: Film Study: Arden Keys Huge Game vs Cardinals | Reminds me of Khalil Mack

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    Film Study: Arden Keys Huge Game vs Cardinals | Reminds me of Khalil Mack

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    Arden Key was in his first season; gotta give the man some time plus a new DC was install on the team...he will be improved this season, but the way the QB has so much protection in today game; you really gotta watch how you hit the QB....

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    He doesn't remind me of Mack in the slightest.

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    He reminds me of Mack in the sense that they were both so close to making the big play but came up short in both their first years. Let’s hope he’s able to finish those plays this coming year and for years to come.

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    I have a bad feeling about him. I was really counting on him to step up in the offseason and come back bigger and stronger. When Mayock expressed himself on the 2nd year players he did mention Hurst and Hall coming back in great shape, but not Key. I dont think its by accident.

    I follow him on twitter and I can tell you this guy upstairs is far from the sharpest tool.

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    Didn't the Cardinals have an absolutely atrocious OLine?

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    One of the worst if not the worst in all of football last year

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawhead View Post
    I like the breakdown showing improvement in Key's moves. Key CLEARLY has big upside and he will improve w/ some rotational help after this rookie class comes sees this action.
    Dline will be the most exciting development to watch prior to the start of the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhillyRaider View Post
    He doesn't remind me of Mack in the slightest.
    Agree. He's not strong enough & barely makes it to the QB. Haven't seen any pics of him but hope he has bulked up & gotten stronger for yr 2. Was very unimpressive for most of last season. Never lived up to the preseason hype. Granted a rookie so lets see how he prepared in the offseason.

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    The biggest hurdle with Key will be the mental/attitude side of the game. Take care of that and the physical will take care of itself. He turned A LOT of LSU fans sour two years ago when his obvious lack of effort during games became an issue. From a physical standpoint the kid has HUGE upside/potential. But there's been a million of those who never figured out. Let's hope he does.

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