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Thread: evan silva draft grade

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    evan silva draft grade

    Oakland Raiders

    1 (4). Clemson DE Clelin Ferrell
    1 (24). Alabama RB Josh Jacobs
    1 (27). Mississippi State S Johnathan Abram
    2 (40). Clemson CB Trayvon Mullen
    4 (106). Eastern Michigan DE Maxx Crosby
    4 (129). Houston CB Isaiah Johnson
    4 (137). LSU TE Foster Moreau
    5 (149). Clemson WR Hunter Renfrow
    7 (230). Prairie View A&M DE Quinton Bell

    Overview: I was prepared to give the Raiders a low draft grade after they used their three first-rounders on a severe No. 4 overall reach, a running back who never even started on his college team, and a box safety. But GM Mike Mayock did impressive work on days two and three, stealing speedy press corner and National Championship game MVP Mullen at No. 40, hyper-athletic edge rusher Crosby early in the fourth, high-upside wideout-turned-press corner Johnson, and Moreau, who popped on LSU tape for his blocking before testing as the No. 3 tight end athlete in this class behind only the Iowa guys. Renfrow is a quality slot prospect, and Bell is another converted wideout who destroyed his Pro Day. Mayock’s approach wound up being savvy. He focused on high-floor, plus-character individuals on day one, then chased upside for the rest of the draft. Despite the roughly 15-slot reach on Ferrell, this wound up as one of the league’s more impressive draft hauls when you include the addition of Antonio Brown. The third- and fifth-round picks Oakland surrendered for A.B. turned into Toledo returner/slot WR Diontae Johnson and plodding Michigan TE Zach Gentry.

    Grade: A-

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    Only makes a difference if there were calls to trade with us at the #4 spot. Turns out, according to Mayock, there were no calls. So, if you wait you lose him. That's why they took him at #4. Besides, I've seen some very good tape on Clelin. I'm very happy with this draft class. I'll go with A-. I think both Jon and Mike can live with that too.

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    Getting a little tired and bored with the 'severe over all reach' regarding Clelin.

    Not a severe reach if the guy can play.

    So I guess if they hadn't taken Ferrell at 4, Silva would have given the Raiders an FIB like A+++++++++++

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    Agreed on all the reach comments. He was the second best pure DE in the draft (personally think the best) and once Bosa is gone why would you risk missing out on him?

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    every draft analyst wanted us to take josh allen for edge but the dude was a tweener type of players and imo more of an off ball olb ala barr

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    I can't believe Silva gave an A-

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    To me a "reach" is a round or more. Anything within a half a round is reasonable and NOT a reach. Ferrell was rated in the 12-25 range so no reach in my book. You like a guy you draft him, especially if no offers to trade back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crizpynutz View Post
    I can't believe Silva gave an A-
    Exactly. It must've pained him to write that. He's been a douchebag Raider hater for years. I called him out enough on it on twitter that he blocked me. Dude's a clown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    Exactly. It must've pained him to write that. He's been a douchebag Raider hater for years. I called him out enough on it on twitter that he blocked me. Dude's a clown.
    some of the a-holes anal-ist on twitter are very sensitive toward critical comments

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    I think the move for Ferrell was a desperate move. I think the Raiders felt that Burns and Sweat would be gone by 24. I think they didn't want to draft Gary and thought he could be there at 24. And the didn't want to reach for a player like Zach Allen, Chase Winovich or Jaylon Ferguson at 24. All three would have been a huge reach. These three players were commonly mocked to the Raiders at the end of the first or in the 2nd round. Also they could of drafted Devin White and traded up from the 24 spot. A possiblilty but I don't think they wanted to give up a 2nd rounder or picks in next years draft. Sure when the draft is over Devin White and Montez Sweat look better. But I don't think Mayock could afford to not get Ferrell/Burns/Sweat and didn't want to give away draft capital to guarantee it. They wanted to trade down still get one of those three, pick up a couple draft picks. But no body wanted to trade up. #4 was a bad spot to be, they tried to get teams to trade up with the fake QB talk. At the end of the day hopefully Ferrell is a 10 sack guy and nobody will give a shit where he was drafted.

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