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Thread: Welcome to the 2019 NFL Draft thread

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    Damn, I really wanted Oliver at 4
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    They could’ve had this guy at 24. What a fucking joke. Oh wait, I mean A+++

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    This is why we are so dysfunctional. People in charge that don't have a FUCKING CLUE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bk View Post
    Damn, I really wanted Oliver at 4
    Me too, bro.

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    This is why we have sucked for years... even when we hire the biggest draft nerd in the NFL to work for us... we make a huge reach at 4

    We could have had this guy at 24 or 27 FFS. Ugh... why am I not surprised.
    I hope I didn't brain my damage...

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    I wish the best to Q. I talked shit saying he looks like a lil kid. I like his tux was cool

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    Its probably one of those things that he's a fit for the defense over say Josh sucks that we couldn't trade down, to say 15 where he was valued at. Scared that we would not be able to move into the 15 range later.....thus jumping on him now. Is he a 3 down edge......

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    I thought Mayock was supposed to fix our draft and not REACH!!!! No more reaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by bk View Post
    Damn, I really wanted Oliver at 4
    Was Allen for me,

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