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Thread: pff 1st rd for the raiders (mock)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thump View Post
    I would like to see:

    #4 Williams or Allen Whichever is on the board
    #24 Byron Murphey CB
    #27 Cody Ford OL
    #35 Irv Smith TE
    If that was our draft, I'd smash my TV with a sledgehammer and then take a piss on it. No offense to you, bro.

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    I would be fine trading back from #4 and getting another pick too. Maybe pickup Devin White if we don't drop back far. Possibly Ferrell if White is gone and get the additional pick.

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    4 Devin White
    24 Greedy Williams
    27 Noah Fant
    35 Jaylon Ferguson

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    based on my original post

    our draft


    thats a helluva good draft

    2 dline guys to upgrade pass rush
    1 big physical cb
    1 freak big wr that imo is the best wr in this draft

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