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Thread: Curtis Riley signed from Giants

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    Curtis Riley signed from Giants

    16 games last year. Up and comer or ST/Depth guy?

    From PFF article on safety rankings....

    New York Giants’ Curtis Riley, on the other hand, would likely hope to forget his tackling performance in 2018. The fourth-year Fresno State product missed a position-high 23 tackles across his 988 defensive snaps this past season, giving him the lowest tackling efficiency (3.9) among the 74 NFL safeties with at least 400 defensive snaps played.

    Riley, however, made up for at least some of his tackling woes with his play in coverage. He didn’t allow a touchdown in coverage all season long and logged four interceptions this past season, fueling his second-ranked passer rating allowed (39.5) among safeties.
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    I think he's depth and ST at this point. Came in undrafted as a CB signed with the Titans spent most of it on the practice squad. Signed with the Giants for 630K and was moved to FS started alongside Landon Collins. Given his tackle efficiency, he's not going to start.

    I think we'll start with Joseph, Joyner and Harris. Harris is going to spend a lot of time in the box on run downs, and manning the TE. Joyner will play the slot, Guenther likes his defenders to have multiple skillsets and that's what we've signed in Joyner and Riley, we won't have to situation substitute as much, there will be games where we start with 3 safeties, with Harris as a hybrid LB in the box, manning the run or guarding the TE, this allows Joseph/Joyner to split the high safety and low safety roles, which Guenther used a lot in Cincy with Iloka and Nelson.

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