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Thread: Giants and Raiders

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    Giants and Raiders

    The Giants traded Odell and received a 1st round pick as part of their compensation. I think it would be smart for the Raiders to Trade out of the 4th pick with the Giants and get their other later 1st round pick they received from the Browns. The Giants want one of the two top QB's in this draft, at least need one of them in the worst way. The Raiders would then have another 1st round pick- giving them
    Round 1 pick 6
    Round 1 Pick 17
    Round 1 Pick 24
    Round 1 Pick 27
    Round 2 pick 35

    If the Giants pass on such a trade, they will miss out on one of the two top QB's in this draft, both of which will be perfect for them over keeping Manning for another year. Fact is, the Giants showed their cards by letting Odell go, making the statement that they are rebuilding and Manning is NOT going to be part of the rebuild.


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    If Mayock can sell that we're moving the pick to the Bengals or whatever and really milk the Giants.

    Got to love this first there was criticism of the Giants OBJ trade, then there was salavation over the thought of Haskins and Metcalf in the first round......lining up with Giants uniforms.

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    To do that trade and then get White at 6 would be great. Even better if Williams or Allen fell to 6. What a draft!

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    I am confident that only 1 of the two elite QB's will be gone by our pick and someone will jump up to grab the other. Haskins will be the better QB, but the Giants would be foolish with Barkley to skip on a QB early

    We would have the best offseason in the league if we pull it off.

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    Question, if Allen or Q fall to us at #4. Would you take the trade? Or would you take Q/Allen ?

    If Q was there I might just take the dominant D-lineman.
    We need difference makers. But man! Iíd love to have 4 1sts.

    I still donít believe the Giants would offer #17 to move up 2 spots.
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    Rosen trade probably wrenches this a bit. Takes a QB hungry team off the market at least for the next year or 2.

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    I am not sure, but I believe that would be the right compensation to move from 6 to 4, and the Giants would be fools to risk NOT getting their guy and I am sure their guy is one of those two QB's.

    DOES ANYONE know if the compensation is fair or not?

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    What I read about Allen from KY is, he has a motor that never stops. Similar in build and engine as Mack, but would need to learn for sure. Q on the other hand is known to be a BEAST on the Dline. I for one think we win if we get either man.

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    Giants won't be trading both 1st rounder to move up in the draft. They will either trade for Josh Rosen or draft one next year.

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    Would anyone do the deal for the Giant #1 (6) and their #2? to move up to our #4?

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