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Thread: Raiders sign JJ Nelson

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    Raiders sign JJ Nelson

    Saw this from Evert Geerlings on Twitter:

    Yards Per Reception - NFL Since 2015 (min. 80 receptions)

    1. J.J. Nelson (17.8 avg.)
    2. DeSean Jackson (16.8 avg.)
    3. Marquise Goodwin (16.5 avg.)
    4. T.Y. Hilton (16.4 avg.)
    5t. Rob Gronkowski (16.3 avg.)
    5t. @TyrellWilliams_

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    Good, get rid of Seth Roberts.

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    Nelson’s 17.8 yards per catch leads all NFL receivers since 2015 but lots of drops.

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    And only 64 yards last year despite being available for 14 games

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    He was definitely under utilized by AZ, a healthy scratch many games. He also only has a 45% catch rate (81/181) so far in the NFL.

    Still worth a flyer to see what he can do in camp with more focus.

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    Love this signing!

    What a fun WR core this is going to be!

    Curious what the WR draft strategy will be. Top 4 rounds, its feeling like we have an eye on (in this order)

    - D (find BPA D talent)
    - TE ( Come On HooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaahhhhhK!!!! )
    - interior OL

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    we just signed a dt for 1.4 million with a base of 900k against the cap,could this be the end for jelly ???

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    Miami offload Tannehill...wonder what their plan is now????

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfish57 View Post
    Miami offload Tannehill...wonder what their plan is now????

    AJ McCarron, trade up with us for Haskins, suck for a year and go for the top QB in 2020.

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    Kid has untapped potential - can Gruden unleash it ???

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