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Thread: 2019 Oakland Raiders Lease is done

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    2019 Oakland Raiders Lease is done

    2019 7.5 million increase of 4 million from 2018

    2020 Option 10.5 million, deadline to opt in April 1, 2020

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    Did they drop the lawsuit?

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    No mention of the lawsuit, probably still on.

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    Meaning the Stadium has to be ready in a year?

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    They're projecting an opening of sometime in they would be looking at a 4-5 month window to project if the stadium would be done in time and the Oakland opt in due date. Given at that point, the stadium should be covered, it would be seat installation at that point. So there would be no weather delays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srfndoc View Post
    Did they drop the lawsuit?
    Lawsuit still on, mayor already said that not a option, to drop the lawsuit.

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