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Thread: How do you think the Raiders have done so far in FA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raiderjohn622 View Post
    Given the free agent acquisitions or lack thereof in the linebacker category....possibility we go with more of a nickel package to start games, with Erik Harris as the 3rd LB? Rather then a base 4-3-4, we go with a 4-2-5? On first down/run downs, we got Harris in the box with Joyner/Joseph playing high, on pass downs, Harris moves into a traditional safety role and Joyner comes to the line to go man to man in the slot.
    Ton's of teams are playing a lot more nickel now so I think we will see some form of that.

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    Joyner will play slot more often.

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    it's been kinda all over the place in my eyes.
    we needed a receiver and now might have two, maybe even three. we overpaid but was always gonna given our shitty status and that guys are getting mucho money this free agency period.
    the offensive tackle we got that's now the highest paid in the league and, that could end up playing right tackle because reasons appears to be a strange one however.
    we got a safety but still don't have a pass rush to talk of and still look anemic against the run, it probably points to a defensive heavy draft coming ahead, im guessing gruden et al are keeping everything crossed q or bosa falls to us, hopefully we don't waste picks to move up or pick a quarterback at four or, go the reggie route and draft a guy that needs a liver transplant because it's a nice story.
    kicking the tyres on a cheap running back and tight end would be nice, with cook gone and cw3 our only running back (i think?) we need some bodies in.

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    Well hopefully these high priced FA's work out, but the bargain FA's from Reggie's tenure were shit for the most part so I guess it's time to go a different route???? The defense is still what it we need to do something on that side!

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    In loving memory!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrange View Post
    Joyner will play slot more often.
    That's what I'm seeing right now, based on free agency, Harris and Joseph are the safeties and Joyner becomes the slot on passing downs....which nowadays is what 66% of the plays. Plus kick in the fact we have not touched the LB spot at all, Tahir Whitehead as the first LB and some combo of Marquel Lee, Nicholas Morrow, and Cabinda will mix it up at the 2nd LB spot.

    Throw in the fact that Joyner loves to mix it up in the run game as well, so you try to run, we got Worley and Joyner who don't mind mixing it up.

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