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Thread: Free Agency Rumor Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    im hearing that cincy wants to trade up with us to get haskins
    Will take this years first and next years first....Then 3 first rounders in 20...

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    Quote Originally Posted by psly2124 View Post
    That makes it more palatable. But the amount of money is insane
    Oh, I totally agree. That is "Holy Shit!" money. That is because that is everyone's reaction where they hear how much someone got paid.

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    Brown will be only 26 in April. Lots of tread on the tires. Can't win with Carr on his back. I like the move.

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    Three rumors.

    Jets are wavering on Bell and we are preparing to swoop in if they do.

    Cook will not be resigned and we will pick a TE in the first round or with our early second to save on that money.

    We offered Juwann James a contract as well, but for less money than Brown. Brown just jumped at our offer first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    Trent Brown T, Unsigned Free Agent
    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Raiders "love and are ready to spend for" free agent LT Trent Brown.

    Rapoport adds the Patriots would like to re-sign Brown and the Texans are interested as well, but it sounds like the Raiders are the front-runners. Oakland just spent a first-round pick on Kolton Miller last year, but he was a disaster as a rookie. There is a strong chance Brown is overpaid no matter where he lands, but he would be an upgrade over Miller.
    I don't get how Miller was a disaster his first yr and people were telling me that if we didn't have Miller, Carr would have been in an ambulance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabidraider View Post
    Will take this years first and next years first....Then 3 first rounders in 20...
    we could net a 2nd this yr and a 2nd next yr in this trade down or we could net a 2nd and 3rd this yr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haji81872 View Post
    Well there you go I guess.

    I hate it when people say Miller was a disaster. There were plenty reasons why he had a rough year.
    He was a rookie, at least he wasn't a top 10 pick. He'll grow and develop, the plus thing about having Gruden, it'll be another year to build on in the same a different position. Now having Brown, who came in as a RT, in the same room will help Miller develop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psly2124 View Post
    This will be a disaster. The Raiders will be begging to get out of this contact. Teams never learn form the mistakes of the past. Highest paid tackle in the league for an average player. Zero chance this turns out good
    Looks like next year is a big financial hit but all the guaranteed money is in 2 years, then we can cut him for no hit if he doesn't pan out. Still, I had the same reservations as you, WTF? I thought we and Cable wanted ZBS and this guy has power written all over him. What about Miller, ya he struggled, but had injuries and a rotating door next to him at OG, not too mention it was known he was a bit raw as a rookie and wasn't ready to start yet we through him at the wolves.

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    Kwon Alexander signs with SF. Would have liked him in Silver and Black

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    Cable fu#king sucks..Im good on the move for Brown..I understand what they wana do but dam i dont like or trust Cable to maximize Brown or the rest of the line..

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