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Thread: pff mike renner mock 2.0 with trades

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    pff mike renner mock 2.0 with trades

    i actually like this draft a lot

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    Raiders picks:

    #4 - Josh Allen
    #24 - Christian Wilkins
    #29 - Amani Oruwariye

    So, I can't really complain about the picks, though, in following the mock, I would have a hard time passing on Adderley and Hockenson and drafting a CB in Oruwariye. I like Wilkins and it would be interesting to see a Hurst, Wilkins, Hall and Ellis rotation. Taking what is a 3T though has risk as Hurst is also a 3T. I would probably not take Wilkins, but I do like him.

    I'm seeing in this mock, my picks:

    #4 - Josh Allen
    #24 - Nassir Adderley
    #29 - TJ Hockenson
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    I don't like it. I don't see how the Raiders cannot address a weapon on offense. I like Wilkins and think he is a good football player. I just don't see the Raiders taking a DT in the first round unless his name is Quinnen Williams. I don't think the Raiders can pass on Williams. They have too many holes to fill and need to get Carr some help. Most likely a WR or TE in the first. Maybe one of each. Josh Allen is a good football player and I don't hate the pick but he doesn't fit what the raiders do on defense. He's a 3-4 OLB. If we ran a 3-4 I would love the pick. I just don't like taking players that you have to switch what they do best.

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    Raider have so may picks, I've found it hard to complain about any of the mock drafts posted on here. They may not be the position I would take, but all good solid players who can contribute day 1. If the Raiders pick an OG with the first pick, yes, I'd be pissed - but no saying what's going through Gruden's and Mayocks minds.

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    If you were to take CB in the first round I would much prefer Greedy Williams or Bryon Murphy. The 2 best in the draft. I'm not a fan of taking a corner in the first. Worley played good last year and we do need a corner but I can see us taking one later in the draft. Replacing Worley on defense should not be a the top of the list of items that need to be addressed.

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    i would have been happier with josh,adderly/wilkens and hockenson

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrbass2000 View Post
    i would have been happier with josh,adderly/wilkens and hockenson

    need more text to post...

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    Quote Originally Posted by crizpynutz View Post

    need more text to post...
    nasir adderly reminds me of a young earl thomas and hockenson reminds me a lot of gronks as a blocker and reciever

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    Wilkins at #24 would be a very pleasant surprise. Widely regarded from insiders as the best player on the best D in the country.

    Fun fact about Wilkins:

    After nearly choosing to attend Stanford, Wilkins became the first scholarship player in Clemson’s history to complete a bachelor’s degree in two and a half years. He was a communication studies major with a 3.3 grade point average, and he received a master’s in athletic leadership.

    Call him the quintessential scholar-athlete — an ideal lionized by teams, by the news media and by fans as a complete person, admired not only for what he does on Saturdays but also for the person he is the six other days of the week.

    This archetype has its own Heisman Trophy, the William V. Campbell Trophy, given annually at a year-end banquet by the National Football Foundation to “the absolute best in the country for his academic success, football performance and exemplary community leadership.”

    Past winners include Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow; this year, it was Wilkins.

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    As a South Carolina Gamecock fan, obviously I can’t stand Clemson and Wilkins was my least favorite player on their team. Hated the guy. Always was a showboater and was a dirty player. Maybe if we took him I’d have to start pulling for the guy but really not a fan of him.

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