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Thread: Everson Griffen

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    Everson Griffen

    Everson Griffen may be released by the Vikings in the upcoming weeks. He is 31 and coming off a down year in which he had some mental health issues and was away from team. He is capable of getting to the QB. It's a name that can be floated around. Now if a team comes out and pays him based on a couple years ago. It will price the Raiders out. He may want a 3 or 4 year contact. I don't know but he will come cheaper than Clark from Seattle, Clowney(if not tagged) or Dee ford.

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    Intriguing player, but that mental state is why he's being released. Would have to do a great job vetting him out. As a player and talent, yes, he'd be a really good target for us.

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    Sounds like a Reggie pick to me

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    Given the need for pass rushers around the league, he'll get offers, but I can't see him getting his 4-58 back, he's due 11 million and is a 1.2 dead hit. Definitely someone to keep an eye on. You'll probably see 8 million per tops, with incentives for games and stats. I can see 3-24, with just the first year guaranteed, if he meets all incentives, 3-30.

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    I dont see the Vikes doing this but if so we have to make a play for him.

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    griffin will find a market but it'll be less then john hustons deal due to mental instability and mediocre performance once back,im guessing but maybe 8-9 million a yr, i think houstons deal will be closer to 11-12 million a yr because his play was still excellent

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    Dude has mental issues ... hard pass

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    How many football players do you think dont have mental issues. He is loved by his teammates loved by the Vikings fans. Incredibly hard worker on and off the field. A leader in the locker room. Not to mention just pretty freking good.

    6 million a year he would be a steal.

    If they let him go it will simply be because of cap issues as Viikes have a bunch of players going to get contracts guaranteed in March and they are in cap hell. Nothing to do with his mental issues. He is a 31 year old DE set to make 11.7 million and they have two young studs they can play instead.

    In any case I think he gets cut and resigned by Minnesota.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NASSIMTHEDREAM View Post
    Dude has mental issues ... hard pass
    Mental issues can be treated sometimes.....but I think the Vikings releasing him will be because of cap space

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperRaider View Post
    Mental issues can be treated sometimes.....but I think the Vikings releasing him will be because of cap space
    viking have big issues on the offensive line,defense is fine

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