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Thread: : - ) Fuck the rams Fuck stan kronke

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    : - ) Fuck the rams Fuck stan kronke

    Raiders still OWN Los Angeles

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    Raiders own all of Southern California, and now the state of Nevada. 49ers own No Cal now with the Raiders getting out, but I’m sure plenty of Raider fans will remain.

    We’ll have a wide net around the West Coast for sure.

    ...and still the only team to win a SB for Southern California.
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    Rams couldn’t even score a TD.

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    beli goat
    brady goat ...end of story

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    Well was a great game; been a long since anybody seen a defensive battle going on the field like that....

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    Quote Originally Posted by IERaiderFan View Post
    Every time I see the name Don Mosebar, great player for us, but I think of that 1983 draft and what could have been.

    1st, Colts accepting a trade for Elway to the Raiders, but of course AL was suing the NFL and the league blocked the trade.
    2nd, the guy that was drafted right after Mosebar. Ugh.

    What a franchise changing draft for so many teams.

    That ESPN special on the 1983 draft sure was interesting. Elway to Marino

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    Kroenke is also ruining my favorite soccer team, Arsenal. Bum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderNationPaul68 View Post
    Rams couldn’t even score a TD.
    Out coached. Beli is a legend. Can't see the Rams being back next year, Suh, should be gone, Talib, Peters will want a new deal. Lots of stars, but little in the way of draft picks.

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