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Thread: Treatment of Steelers vs. Treatment of Raiders

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    Treatment of Steelers vs. Treatment of Raiders

    So, Leveon Bell held out, the Steelers stood strong and now Bell will be a free agent. What did the Steelers get for Bell? Zilch. At best, they will get a third round compensatory pick, maybe a third and a fifth?

    Conversely, the Raiders faced the same situation with Kahlil Mack. The Raiders stood strong throughout the offseason and the preseason, but finally traded him for two first round picks when it was clear he wasn't coming in to start the season -- even though the Raiders had signed his fifth year option.

    Which team was smarter for doing what it did -- the Steelers for doing nothing, or the Raiders for trading a great player and getting something back in return?

    I hated seeing the Raiders trade Mack, but if he wasn't coming in, or if it would have required a budget busting deal to get him to sign a long-term deal, I can't blame the Raiders for moving on.

    But if you watch the MSM, all you see is trashing of the Raiders, while the MSM have largely given the Steelers a free pass.

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    Exactly. I say this to every NFL fan I meet who knows I'm a Raider fan and mentions Mack. Bell forced their hand and they got nothing for him.

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    As Raiders fans this shit kinda comes with the territory. We’ve been dealing with this stuff ever since I can remember. It kinda helps too, that Mack was playing this year and the Bears have actually been good. The media could make two stories. They could bash us and try to make us look stupid, and at the same time try to turn Mack into the greatest defensive player of all time and report on him and the Bears. He was basically doing what he did with us....but now the media wanted to make it a big story.

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    nothing new here,the N.F.L AND ITS MINIONS THE MSM have it out for us and slant every news story about us negative !!!

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    everyone knows that Steelers wont be blackmailed by anyone
    props to them

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    It’s the same way politics works.....if you don’t follow the “popular opinion” in the league, ie hate and dump on the raiders, then you’re seen as a piece of crap who follows a worthless cheating scandalous team. Sound familiar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ermis View Post
    everyone knows that Steelers wont be blackmailed by anyone
    props to them
    Prop for a 3rd rounder vs two firsts? I get having a policy, but if it hurts you its a bad policy.

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    When it comes to anyone but the Raiders, in this situation, they'll say, the CBA needs to be fixed.

    At the end of the day, everyone knows who came out ahead. PERIOD

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    100% true, its far better to get something then Nothing. That said I think we have to be humble and see the fact the Steelers had James Conner to step in who is younger, cheaper and was named to the Pro Bowl. The Steelers still had a respectable season and stayed in the playoffs race until the end. On our part?... I mean had for example Arden Key stepped in and produced on a high level and our defense played well, critics would silence themselves quickly, but it didnt happen and we had a terrible season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabidraider View Post
    Prop for a 3rd rounder vs two firsts? I get having a policy, but if it hurts you its a bad policy.
    "ITS CALLED PIGHEADED" the steelers need to plan for bigbens exit and the 1st rd picks would have helped out big time,imagine the praise the steelers would have gotten if they got 3 1st rd picks for lev bell and a brown

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