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Thread: Raiders here Mike Mayock as GM

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    Raiders here Mike Mayock as GM

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    I like the hire. He knows the prospects in the draft as well as anybody. To build a team you have to know the draft. He may need some help in negotiating contracts, but that's why he hires a staff. I like that they hired someone outside of the box. Someone who will come with new fresh ideas instead of the regular failed GM and when they fail again people say "why did he fail for the 3rd time". Like it

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    Looks like a great hire.

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    Love this hire! I just wonder how he and Jon will work out when they have different opinions on players.

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    I wasn't as thrilled as some were about this because he has never really held a position in an NFL front office. However, I've been reading up on stuff and it seems he has drawn interest from quite a few teams over the past couple seasons and I believe was interviewed by the Redskins. So he obviously is at least respected in some circles. I'm changing my stance and I like the hire. You build through the draft and he is an excellent talent evaluator

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    Mike Mayock - G - Raiders

    Raiders hired NFL Network's Mike Mayock to be their general manager.
    That did not take long. Mayock was floated as a "strong candidate" for the job on Sunday, and the deal was apparently done by Monday morning. It is not clear if the Raiders even interviewed anyone else for the job. A former defensive back who spent two seasons in the league, Mayock made his name as an engaging and informative draft analyst, but he has zero front office experience, although he did interview for this same job once when Al Davis was still around. With Mayock on board, the Raiders' power structure consists of two people who have spent the majority of the last decade in T.V. studios rather than in the league. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see how that works out.

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    Great hire based on Raiders clear commitment of building thru the draft alone. Raiders still have contract guys in the front office, but I’m curious to see who will be on Mayock’s staff. Also love the fact that the Raiders gave him his first front office opportunity because he will bring his best. There’s already jokes out there about him and Gruden as TV personalities, but if they can hit well on these draft picks in 2019, the field will be very fun to watch come September.

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    That is actually great news after such a troubling season, I am feeling better about having so many first round picks now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD707 View Post
    That is actually great news after such a troubling season, I am feeling better about having so many first round picks now.
    agree,mike is a great talent evaluator,love listening to his commentary during drafts

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