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Thread: The good, the bad and the ugly

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    The good, the bad and the ugly

    Yes, we won on Sunday, against a rookie QB and a team that is clearly one of the league's worst.

    Despite playing a terrible team, it took a couple of penalties on Arizona at key times, three chances at getting the winning TD and a last-second field goal to pull out a victory.

    A win is a win is a win, but it's not something we should be rejoicing, is it?

    There are some things to be happy about, including the fact that this team fought through for a victory with wide receivers who probably wouldn't be on the field at key situations for ANY OTHER TEAM in the league. We also won the game with arguably our second best receiver, Jalen Richard, on the bench.

    Seeing Maurice Hurst picking up a sack was a highlight for me. This kid can play. He was first round talent, we added in the fifth round. Watching Gareon Conley and Daryl Worley play solidly and watching Conley and Joseph pick up INTs was also gratifying. Imagine what these guys could do with a halfway decent pass rush from the edge. Joseph laid the wood on a few Cardinals. Dang that kid can hit! Our rookie offensive tackles played well, especially Brandon Parker, who had his best game of the season. Seeing a three-pronged rushing attack was also great to see. Carr battling through and hitting that deep pass down the sideline to Ateman felt really good! I love seeing the effort of Arden Key, who gets pressure on QBs and is getting better at stopping the run. Yes, he missed a few tackles he should have made in key situations, but that kid is tough to block even in the running game, where you would think he'd be a liability. After an off season of weight training, this kid could be a beast and those "near sacks" will turn into actual sacks. You just can't arm tackle at the NFL level, which he is learning.

    A couple of other observations. Saeed Blacknall -- what the heck was he doing on the pass to Seth Roberts that set up the field goal? Watch the play again. If Blacknall had even attempted to block a defender, Roberts would have scored. In a nutshell, this is the Raiders' season -- one missed block that prevented a medium gain from becoming a game-winning TD.

    A few plays earlier, Ateman was literally thrown to the ground and no penalty was called -- on an incomplete pass to another player. The penalty was sooooo obvious. The holding call against the Cardinals on their last series (that negated a TD) was a legit call. If Tahir Whitehead hadn't been held, he was in prime position to stop the run for a TD.

    Although the Raiders may have lost the first pick in the draft after the win, the Raiders needed this confidence-building win for the future.

    I don't see this team giving up. I don't see anyone quitting. I see a lack of talent and speed at key positions that can be fixed through the draft and free agency. Interesting stat: Not one Raiders linebacker has a fumble recovery or interception ALL YEAR LONG. Think about that. How in the heck can an entire defensive unit of linebackers not have one fumble recovery or interception? This tells you all you need to know about our linebackers. We clearly need upgraded!

    I am beginning to see Gruden's plan. He is building a core of young players who will have the mental toughness necessary to complete beginning next year.

    I hate losing. I really do. I grew up when you just knew the Raiders were going to win -- even if they were down 14 points with four minutes left in the fourth quarter. That mental toughness was the key -- and the will to win is strong. Gruden is trying to rebuild this with players who do have that mental toughness. Mack had it, but didn't want to be second fiddle to Carr on an Oakland team. Cooper didn't have the mental toughness to fight through adversity, which is why he had a few great games and so many mediocre ones in which he disappeared. Both Mack and Cooper are gone, but the Raiders will have three first round draft picks next year and two more in 2020.

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    the only real plus point i could find was that we may have unearthed a kicker

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    Nice write up man. I am just happy the boys in black got a win. I didn't get to watch because I was overseas on business. The highlights were good enough (thank you Youtube). I'm not too upset about not being the team aiming at the #1 pick, but with 6 games left, anything can happen. I just hope that Gru and friends get the value needed from this year's haul of draft picks.

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    Gotta at least beat the

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