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Thread: This site is all about us!

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    This site is all about us!

    Man it feels good to be back home! And when I say it's all about us, it is.

    So if there are changes you'd like to see, please let me know. I'll be taking requests for custom avatars and making other changes to the site as WE see fit.

    So if you have any comments or suggestions, please post them below:
    Follow me on Twitter: BobCarrNFL
    Follow me on Instagram: BobCarrNFL

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    The only issue I can find was the minimum characters for a post. But I think you may have resolved that issue. Just in case you did not archive the old site you can use the wayback machine website to look at the old format and subforums.
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    I did notice on another forum that they had a twitter dedicated window. They followed a bunch of Raiders beat writers. It's a cool way to keep all the members informed.

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    vBulletin isn't free so let me know how to make a donation either for new licensing or for your web hosting or just beer money for you propping this up. Thanks for the invite.

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