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Thread: Like rats deserting a sinking ship

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    Which is weird cuz we have one of the best WR tandems in the league... SMH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vioraider View Post
    Which is weird cuz we have one of the best WR tandems in the league... SMH
    And Gruden couldn't wait to sign Bryant after the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderman41 View Post
    I remember a story I heard about the great John Madden. One of his players said that every year, after the Raiders lost a game and looked lost, he would tell the same motivational story. He would talk about how everyone was against the Raiders, how people no longer believed in them, how it was like rats deserting a sinking ship. Apparently, Madden would go on and on, and most of the players, especially those hearing the story for the first time would get angry and very motivated. Many of the players really didn't understand what the story was all about, but they loved the story anyway and it got the team together.

    I can't help but think about this story after reading the posts following last night's game. It was like rats deserting a sinking ship.

    Folks, for one half, our team played the toughest defense in all of the NFL and a clear Super Bowl contender and hit them right in the mouth. For one half, we were the better team and clearly outplayed this team that many consider to be solidly in the running for a Super Bowl berth. We won the first 30 minutes but lost the final 30 minutes and the game.

    Sure, we didn't play as well the second half, but we still didn't give up but one sack the entire game. Our defense played solidly, and our offensive game plan was very solid. Instead of the Todd Downing "clueless" offense, we actually attacked the Rams' defensive weaknesses -- its linebackers and safeties -- with Jalen Richard and Jared Cook. Cook broke the all-time record for yards recorded by Raiders tight ends in a single game. That is saying quite a lot, given that we have had some of the best tight ends to ever play the game in Billy Cannon, Dave Casper and Raymond Chester.

    Yes, Derek Carr did not have his best half of football in the last 30 minutes, but he had a phenomenal half of football in the first half -- even though it was his first real action (unless you count a quarter of play in the preseason as real action) since last year. For whatever reason, he didn't look as good in the second half and made a couple of questionable throws.

    As for Gruden, this was also his first real action as a coach in 10 years. He surprised the Rams with his play calling in the first half but the Rams defense caught on in the second half. Gruden will learn. He has always been a great offensive coach and he still believes that Derek Carr is a GREAT QB.

    This team, offense and defense, is still growing. Unlike the Rams who had stability in systems from last year to this one, we implemented a new offensive system and a brand new defensive system. I hope we didn't play our best football right out of the gate, but instead will grow and get better as the season goes along.

    I read a comment about how Gruden tore up this team -- a team that was 12-4 just two year years ago. Folks, this team wasn't THAT talented; it was very lucky. Derek Carr had an MVP type of year, and regressed last year. In fact, the entire team regressed.

    I can see what Gruden is building -- a tough, "team first" not "I first" type of squad, a squad that fights for every inch, and will play hard until the final whistle. This team will win the Super Bowl, maybe not next year, but in a year or two. If you look at Jared Cook's grab and bulldozing run for the first down and Marshawn Lynch's TD run, carrying Rams for five yards, you see what Gruden wants. He needs to get this type of performance out of more players who care about this team, its fans and its storied history.

    Don't be like rats deserting a sinking ship. This ship is still upright and is going to be going a lot faster in the weeks ahead. It's not sinking, at least not after one game.

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    I'm not ready to crucify Carr yet but that 2nd half was hard to look past. 1st half he was 20-24 for 199 yards!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorcalRaiders View Post
    I'm not ready to crucify Carr yet but that 2nd half was hard to look past. 1st half he was 20-24 for 199 yards!
    Carr wasn't finding Cook open in the second half and didn't see other payers who were. Hopefully, Gruden analyzed the film and fixed it.

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