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Thread: Gameday! Lions @ Raiders

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    Gameday! Lions @ Raiders

    *Exhale. Its here

    Gameday: A few things i'm interested in watching

    - The Obvious, Jon Gruden is back on the Raiders sidelines! You know the camera will be on him a ton. Fan signs? Chucky Dolls? His demeanor? How animated will he be?

    2 Returning players I'm most interesting in checking out:
    - Connor Cook. We'll get a TON of looks at EJ and Connor today. Word out of camp is Connor is realizing his potential and looking to take command of that #2 role. Lets see it!
    - MLB Marquel Lee. 2nd year and he's only 22. At Wake Forest, his freshman year he played as a 17 year old. He pushing real hard for a starting LBer spot, and he just might get it! Bonus: his dad, a military man, cried like a baby when he was drafted by the Raiders. His dad is a lifelong Raider fan. When he was drafted, he ran into his closet and put on his Cooper 89 jersey and Raider hat! Love it!

    2 New VET Players I'm most interested in checking out:
    - Ryan Switzer. Played out of position last year, wasn't given a real opportunity. We may have a gem here. He's eager to show out!!
    - Doug Martin. Everyone was hating on this signing, but when this guy is on, he's a All Pro bowl talent. He has a clear pattern to his career. Record breaking Pro Bowler, then 2 years off, record breaking Pro Bowler, then 2 years off. Well guess whats next on the pattern?

    2 Rookies I'm most interested in checking out:
    -PJ Hall. Everyone wants to talk about Hurst (and for good reason) but theres a reason he went up and got PJ in the 2nd. Great small school story and what he did. Cant wait to see what he can do on this level.
    -The Gator kickers! Im not expecting 70 yard punts or 57 yard field goals. Id just like to see some solid consistency. Seeing that 45 yard field goal stay straight and true will be nice to see.

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    Ready for some raiders football!!!

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    She gonna be a late night for us East Coasters....

    1130pm start for me but I'll be sure to pour some whiskey at kick off


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    i'm normally up here in the uk tuned in here for the preseason games but my mums a little under the weather so have to pass tonight.
    i'll check this thread in the morning to see how its gone and i hope for all you guys watching it's a good game.
    special thanks to bk for keeping this site going, i switched loads of raiders fans on to this site in newcastle and this place is the goto news source for many, although they all have not signed up but still big thanx dude, loving the twitter.
    go raiders!

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    Raider Nation time is getting near.

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    Looking forward to the new defense that seems to have a real coordinator.

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    I am looking forward to an Injury Free Game.

    Beer Time close to Game time , Raidersssssssssssssssssss!!!!

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    Read Arden Key is not in uniform tonight.

    Don't worry if the horse is blind, just load the wagon.

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