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Thread: Stage 9 preview!

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    Stage 9 preview!

    Good day to you Nation! Let's get right into stage 9 of the 2018 Oakland Raiders season and this is the ever so important pre-season games! There are 4 phases in this stage as each phase represents each game. First off let me say, these pre-season games do matter. There is a long ongoing debate among football fans everywhere, and that debate is do these pre-season games matter or not? There is a large group of people who believe that no matter what happens in these games, it has no baring on the regular season games and to these people I say Bull Shit!

    These games certainly do matter from a variety of different angles, and we can get more into that once I submit my 'game tape' breakdowns after each game played.

    Tonight is going to be awesome from several different viewpoints. Seeing Chucky back roaming the sidelines in Silver and Black in front of the home crowd is going to be freakin awesome baby! For the first time in 16 years, Jon Gruden will be back to lead the Raiders with a chip on his shoulder with one goal in mind and that's winning Super Bowls!

    Grduen coming back to the Raiders is something I predicted would happen around 10 years ago. Many called me crazy among other things, but my intel, research, and 'insider information' lead me to believe Chucky would indeed come home! My words and predictions are well documented, and there's a group of people within the Raider Nation that are classified as the 'Non-believers turned believers turned haters' who just can't stand the fact that I and the others who dared to believe were right. It didn't fit into their agendas and negative ways of thinking and defeated attitudes. This topic runs deep and has many different layers to it. But trust me my brothers and sisters, this sad group of people do exist. Moving on.

    Things to watch for tonight. It sounds like the starters may get a cameo appearance, with guys fighting for starting positions and back-up jobs getting most of the work tonight. I am excited to see our rookie class for the the first time and many of the free agents brought in competing for roster spots. With this roster as deep as it's been in a long time, the competition is going to fun to watch as the quest to make the final 53 starts now!

    I don't think you will see Gruden and Guenther go deep into the playbook as you never want to tip your hand in the pre-season. But you will see some calls and looks that will start to get these players acclimated as to how they want to call and execute game plans.

    I will be looking at our kickers tonight with great anticipation, as this reminds me of year one of Shane Lechler and Seabass together back in the day where they both dominated their positions for many seasons to come! Both our young kickers have big legs and this will be fun to watch!

    Lots to look at and get excited about tonight Nation! Enjoy the game and I look forward to breaking down the tape and discussing with you all very soon!

    Again, these games do matter!

    Go Raiders and in Reggie, Mark, and Chucky I trust!

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    Can't wait for stage 46

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    Hey, I’d rather have a sunshine pumper like this than a doom and gloomer any day.
    Lol, love his ridiculously massive optimism.

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