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Thread: Lamar jackson and or #10 pick

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    Lamar jackson and or #10 pick

    Lamar Jackson had top-30 visit with Patriots

    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Louisville QB Lamar Jackson had a top-30 visit with the Patriots.
    It is interesting because the Patriots both need a developmental quarterback behind Tom Brady and have two picks at the end of the first round, Nos. 23 and 31. Expected to be selected in the first 20 picks, Jackson might not fall to New England, but they have the firepower to move up and get him if they are interested. Jackson also visited the Ravens last week


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    That’d be good....I noticed several mocks dropping the number of QBs to just two out of ten. These drafts take up 7 other players ahead of us and left us little on the wish list

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    I don't see NE moving up. I bet they use 23 for a non QB unless Jackson falls to them and trades the 31st out of the first round. Its been their MO. I think Jackson is a smoke screen...

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    NE needs a LT more then they need a backup QB....who might or might not be good. Did Brady cost them the SuperBowl last, the OLine did, not enough protection.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderjohn622 View Post
    ne needs a lt more then they need a backup qb....who might or might not be good. Did brady cost them the superbowl last, the oline did, not enough protection.....
    the secondary costed new england the title as bill beli sat malcom butler and stated a rookie whom had not played cb much

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