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Thread: How long will it take?

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    Oh yeah... Saint Reggie has done a stellar job. That’s my “hot take”. He cut all big money players...genius! He signed trash for nothing... brilliant! Posted losing seasons in all but one, TERRIFIC! Yeah he’s doing a great job... hot take

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raiderjohn622 View Post
    Not much of a mess, minimal rookie contracts, FA contracts that don't have much dead weight.
    This non mess has led us to the playoffs once, and an overall losing record since he's put his 3 year plan into place.
    You draft starters instead of Ward and Calhoon, and pick up the high ceiling guys in later rounds.

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    We aren't missing the playoffs because of a lack of talent. The coaches completely derailed the past season. Would've been back to back winning seasons if they kept Musgrave.

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    The only coach RM signed was Allen - and literally no one wanted to coach the Raiders then. After he miserably failed out, Mark took the reigns and did the coaching hire of JDR - not RM. JDR was a local guy who wanted to coach the Raiders. In fact, it was an okay hire really, got us to the next level from flag football team to legit NFL team. Now, Mark again has made a coaching hire - not RM and let's hope Gruden 2.0 is the right guy to take us to the next level.

    RM took a team with no stars, no future, no draft picks, high salaries and literally an embarassment on the field. The roster and salary was purged. Building blocks for a winning team in place - Hudson, Osmele, Jackson, Carr, Cooper, Mack, Joseph, Ellis, Irvin, Conley are all very good, young players to build around. We've added other young players we still hope the right coaches and scheme can get productive - MEJ, Vanderdoes, Obi, Morrow, Whitehead, Sharpe and some veterans to hold down the fort in Lynch, Cook, Melvin etc. We were a 6 win team a with the wheels falling off a year after a 12 win season.

    Things are not bleak, we still have 11 picks in the draft and a flexible salary cap. I see potentially a playoff caliber team. RM has not failed, he has had decisions that have failed - everyone in his position does. He needs to get better production out of the draft and by all accounts, he finally has a coaching staff giving him what he needs to acquire what they need/want.

    Is RM the GM for the job to get us to the Super Bowl? I dunno, I hope so, but if not, then we'll move on and get someone else but now is not that time. I think many expect every first through third round pick to be instant starters every year. That's so unrealistic and not even in the realm of draft success rates for any team. I do agree he needs improvement on his draft success, but it's not actually as bad as people think either.

    Just my two lincolns.

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