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Thread: Jordy Nelson

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    Jordy Nelson

    The Green Bay Packers have released veteran wide receiver Jordy Nelson

    Don't worry if the horse is blind, just load the wagon.

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    Unless he's willing to play for a steep pay cut; I'd rather keep Crabtree. Just my honest opinion

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    He's Amendola's replacement

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    pass jordy lost a step and a half last yr,looked slow as shit even when rodgers came back for a game it was all devante adams and zero for jordy

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    This just in: jordy is on his way to oakland for a visit. We will sign him. Just heard on sirius NFL.

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    Jordy for 10 games (seems to always get injured) or Seth for 16?

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    Pass. We should be getting younger, not older.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srfndoc View Post
    Pass. We should be getting younger, not older.
    Agree on needing to get younger. Although i like the jordy nelson idea. Rather have nelson than roberts every single day of the week.

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    Money could be spent in much better ways!!

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