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Thread: Lease approved

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    Lease approved

    Lease for Statco(Raiders) was just approved.

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    Rams stadium opening delayed until 2020

    The opening of the Rams' new stadium in Inglewood, Cal. has been delayed from 2019 to 2020.
    The delay has been blamed on "record rainfall" during the "mass excavation phase" of the 70,240-seat stadium. It means the Rams will have to spend at least three more years in the crumbling Coliseum, while the Chargers will be playing in a pint-sized soccer stadium. Stadium construction is never straightforward, particularly in Los Angeles. Owner Stan Kroenke will be 73 when his palace finally opens

    looks like the raiders new stadium will be up at the sametime as the rams stadium

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    Citation needed.

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    Amazing how fast Vegas has worked for this. From the state government to the stadium council. Why in Gods name Oakland and the state of California couldn't move in an efficeny manner like this?? The question to me is rhetorical. We all know the answer

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    So it's going to be a photo finish as to which gets done first....LA or Vegas.....

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    Nice I can't wait for Vegas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raiderjohn622 View Post
    So it's going to be a photo finish as to which gets done first....LA or Vegas.....
    20k says Vegas. . .

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    The Beer better be cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImURno1Fan View Post
    20k says Vegas. . .

    Yup it can rain heavily in LA again delaying them even longer. Chances anything like that happens in Vegas are slim to none

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