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  1. This draft is gonna be very deeeeeeeeeeep

    Four more Alabama players have signaled their intent to enter the draft, including Quinnen Willliams, Josh Williams, Josh Jacobs and Irv Smith.
  2. I'm not sold on Haskins, but someone will be

    He's the QB everyone wanted to come out, other than Herbert. I watched him early in the bowl game and he looked shaky. He turned it around, though, into a very solid performance.

    In today's...
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    The truth is any player is available on any team -- for the right price

    It comes down to this. Would the Raiders be a better team long-term with Derek Carr, or a better team with the potential haul and cap space trading Carr would bring?

    With Carr, we will have about...
  4. Treatment of Steelers vs. Treatment of Raiders

    So, Leveon Bell held out, the Steelers stood strong and now Bell will be a free agent. What did the Steelers get for Bell? Zilch. At best, they will get a third round compensatory pick, maybe a...
  5. Yep he's grown up some

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that these stories were told to me. It is not bullshit. Maybe he has grown up some, after getting married, but my God man. To have a teammate say that he's an...
  6. Insight into Ben Roethlisberger/Antonio Brown situation

    Don't be surprised if Antonio Brown is traded. I would like to share some insight I've gleaned about Ben Roethlisberger over the past few years.

    A few years ago, I had a job in which I had to fly...
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    Best case scenario for the Raiders

    The Raiders currently are slated to pick second in the 2019 NFL Draft, which is a great position. Teams know that the Cardinals won't be selecting a QB, having picked a QB last year.

    This means...
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    I was really down on Carr after the first four weeks. Now I see that it is taking him time to learn the system and he's playing so much better now, even with the limited offensive weapons at his...
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    It's very clear it's taken Carr some time to get...

    It's very clear it's taken Carr some time to get comfortable in this offense. His stats are so much better now than they were the first part of the season -- even with trading Cooper, even with...
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    Carr first 6 games vs. last 6 games

    In games 1-6, Derek Carr:
    Threw 7 TDs vs. 8 INTs
    Top two QB ratings were 114.6 and 95.2
    Lowest QB rating was 62.8
    Completed 75% or more of his passes in 1 game

    In games 7-12, Derek Carr:...
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    Today's officiating

    I have to say, I really don't know what the NFL rules are anymore.

    I watched Arden Key get flagged for touching a QB earlier in the season and I watched a Raider lineman flagged for roughing the...
  12. The NFL and salary cap

    It came down to this: Gruden, McKenzie and Davis decided that we have a better chance of winning a Super Bowl in the next five years without being cap-strapped with big salaries to Mack and Cooper....
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    The good, the bad and the ugly

    Yes, we won on Sunday, against a rookie QB and a team that is clearly one of the league's worst.

    Despite playing a terrible team, it took a couple of penalties on Arizona at key times, three...
  14. Teddy Bridgewater shows a lot of escapability, a...

    Teddy Bridgewater shows a lot of escapability, a strong arm and the ability to extend plays while looking downfield for big gains.
  15. Bridgewater?

    Bridgewater's record as a starter is 17-11, with a 64.7% completion percentage, 28 TDs vs. 22 INTS and 7.2 yards per attempt.

    Carr's record as a starter is 29-42, with a 62.6% completion...
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    I hate losing, but

    It's clear this team lack talent. Carr may not be our QB of the future and we need to rebuild.

    The best way to rebuild is from the foundation up, including QB. After what I saw from Carr...
  17. Prediction: Carr will be traded after this season

    After watching yesterday's game, I have to believe that Carr will be traded after this season.

    Think about this logically.

    The Raiders didn't want to pay Kahlil Mack $22 million per year, and...
  18. Two plays that told me all I need to know about Carr

    In the fourth quarter of today's game, I saw two plays on different drives that told me all I need to know about Derek Carr, whether he's the franchise QB for this team or if we should move on from...
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    Not sure what you're trying to communicate

    Really not sure what you're trying to communicate.

    Anyway, with the Irvin release, it's clear the Raiders are planning to play players who will be with us in 2019, not those who will be gone from...
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    Our offseason begins this week

    After the 49ers game in which our team was clearly outplayed and a number of Raider players just seemed to give up, it's evident that the Oakland Raiders' offseason has begun. This team isn't going...
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    Most pathetic fucking Raiders team EVER. Iíve...

    Most pathetic fucking Raiders team EVER. Iíve been watching since 1967. Pathetic.
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    I'm not sure McKenzie will be gone. At least publicly, it looks as if Gruden and McKenzie are getting along. McKenzie doesn't appear to be an alpha male, and maybe he likes Gruden making major...
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    You're right

    Yes, I think he thought Cooper would be elite with better coaching, but saw a lack of desire. He will never be a #1 receiver. We fleeced the Cowboys.

    As for Mack, I think Gruden thought Mack...
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    Meant over estimated

    We can rebuild quickly if Gruden and McKenzie turn these drafts into quality players like the 49ers did in the 1980s.
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    Critical Look at the Raiders

    Fellow Raider fans, it's clear that this year's team is comprised of a lot of average and few elite players (Hudson, Osemele, Carr?). It's also clear that this team will not be contending for a...
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