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    Agree 100%

    I've been a member of this board for years now and it disgusts me to see the level of personal attacks. Disagree with what I write? Fine. Don't attack me personally, just address my post or...
  2. How much improvement in offense and defense will be see this year?

    I was thinking yesterday evening about how much this team's roster has been improved. By the end of the year last year, our starting receivers were Jordy Nelson, Marcell Ateman and Jared Cook (TE). ...
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    The Raiders' rosters is MUCH improved

    Now that we've been through the initial free agency and seeing the results of the draft, I can't help but think that the Raiders will be MUCH improved this year. How much?

    It's hard to tell if...
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    More smokescreens

    More smokescreens. . .

    The Redskins reportedly are now interested in getting into the top 5 to grab a QB. Could be the Skins really are interested in moving up (makes sense), or it could be the...
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    The smokescreens

    I've been following the draft since 1967. The last few years, I've seen so many smokescreens put out by teams, to downgrade players they really want and to make other teams believe they will take...
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    2019 Draft Predictions

    A couple of weeks out, I am willing to make the following predictions about our 2019 draft:

    1) We WILL add at least one more second or third round pick (maybe even multiple picks) by trading back...
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    Good signing. So far, he has less than 900...

    Good signing. So far, he has less than 900 rushes, which is about a third of what Marshawn has on him - 2400+. Plus, he's only 26.

    For his career, Crowell has averaged 4.3 yards a carry, same as...
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    Message sent

    Antonio Brown - 6th round pick
    Tyrell Williams - undrafted
    Trent Brown - 7th round

    To make it, these guys had to work hard, study hard and overcome a lot of odds to make it on NFL teams.
  9. Brown played left tackle for the Patriots, who...

    Brown played left tackle for the Patriots, who won the Super Bowl. He manhandled edge rushers for Chiefs and Rams. If Miller improves to the point that he beats him to protect the blindside, then...
  10. Today's NFL

    Winning in today's NFL is simply an exercise in great coaching and making the best, most efficient use of your cap and the players you bring in under the cap.

    In essence, the Raiders traded Amari...
  11. And Brown costs $21 million against Steelers cap

    Look at the cap hit the Steelers are taking this year -- for a player who isn't even on their team. That's like one-ninth of the cap for someone who won't even play for them.

    Like I said in the...
  12. Gaining a lot more respect for Raiders' moves

    Looking at how the Raiders handled the Khalil Mack situation compared to how the Steelers handled Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell, the Raiders look like geniuses.

    Did they see players like Mack...
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    The front loaded bonuses

    Another example of why Steelers are a dumpster fire.

    They front loaded Brown's contract with guaranteed money and bonuses. As a result, their cap hit this year, even though they have unloaded...
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    Biggest dumpster fire in NFL

    It's gotta be he Steelers. Le'Veon Bell holds out, is released. Steelers get nothing.

    Antonio Brown quits on team and is now killing trade options for the Steelers, either demanding teams play...
  15. This draft is gonna be very deeeeeeeeeeep

    Four more Alabama players have signaled their intent to enter the draft, including Quinnen Willliams, Josh Williams, Josh Jacobs and Irv Smith.
  16. I'm not sold on Haskins, but someone will be

    He's the QB everyone wanted to come out, other than Herbert. I watched him early in the bowl game and he looked shaky. He turned it around, though, into a very solid performance.

    In today's...
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    The truth is any player is available on any team -- for the right price

    It comes down to this. Would the Raiders be a better team long-term with Derek Carr, or a better team with the potential haul and cap space trading Carr would bring?

    With Carr, we will have about...
  18. Treatment of Steelers vs. Treatment of Raiders

    So, Leveon Bell held out, the Steelers stood strong and now Bell will be a free agent. What did the Steelers get for Bell? Zilch. At best, they will get a third round compensatory pick, maybe a...
  19. Yep he's grown up some

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that these stories were told to me. It is not bullshit. Maybe he has grown up some, after getting married, but my God man. To have a teammate say that he's an...
  20. Insight into Ben Roethlisberger/Antonio Brown situation

    Don't be surprised if Antonio Brown is traded. I would like to share some insight I've gleaned about Ben Roethlisberger over the past few years.

    A few years ago, I had a job in which I had to fly...
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    Best case scenario for the Raiders

    The Raiders currently are slated to pick second in the 2019 NFL Draft, which is a great position. Teams know that the Cardinals won't be selecting a QB, having picked a QB last year.

    This means...
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    I was really down on Carr after the first four weeks. Now I see that it is taking him time to learn the system and he's playing so much better now, even with the limited offensive weapons at his...
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    It's very clear it's taken Carr some time to get...

    It's very clear it's taken Carr some time to get comfortable in this offense. His stats are so much better now than they were the first part of the season -- even with trading Cooper, even with...
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    Carr first 6 games vs. last 6 games

    In games 1-6, Derek Carr:
    Threw 7 TDs vs. 8 INTs
    Top two QB ratings were 114.6 and 95.2
    Lowest QB rating was 62.8
    Completed 75% or more of his passes in 1 game

    In games 7-12, Derek Carr:...
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    Today's officiating

    I have to say, I really don't know what the NFL rules are anymore.

    I watched Arden Key get flagged for touching a QB earlier in the season and I watched a Raider lineman flagged for roughing the...
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