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Thread: I see this jerk's ego hasn't changed

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    I see this jerk's ego hasn't changed

    I'm not adding him to my Raider list, but he still looks the total tool he was, despite being out of the league...

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    unfortunately i was one expecting big things from him

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    I thought he would have at least made it in the CFL but he was cut before the season started a couple years ago.

    On another note anyone remember Ken Yon Rambo?We drafted him years back,I think 7th rd.Blazing fast but didn,t make the cut...Turned out to be a top receiver in the CFL ever since.

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    2 year old thread and plus it looks like his twitter went inactive a loooong time ago

    Plus who cares if he didnt make the cfl? He was in the NFL for like 8 or 9 years...

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