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Thread: Tommy Kelly, Lamarr Houston Await Word On Possible Suspension

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    Tommy Kelly, Lamarr Houston Await Word On Possible Suspension

    No sane person can blame Oakland’s ugly loss in Cincinnati on the latest injustice the Raiders have suffered at the hands of horrible officiating.

    Yes, the negated fumble and possible touchdown return did turn the tide of the game whose tide was already turning in favor of the Raiders. But when you’re trying to make up a 24 point deficit there is not a single play that can turn the tide.

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    "They were in a lot of games (last season), they just didn't finish...This offseason, they went and brought in guys that know how to finish games. You bring that in here along with the attitude that a lot of these players have and you go to the next level."
    ~ Lamar Woodley on the Oakland Raiders May 2014

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    I have watched this several times now and i still cant see why Houston got ejected, let alone suspended. Kelly, if i understand the rule right automatically gets ejected for coming off the bench but i dont see cause for suspension because he is pulling people out of the pile and attempting to break up the fight until his helmet gets ripped off. Is there an angle that shows something different? If anyone should be worried its probably D. Bryant. The angle i have shows him throwing multiple punches (bodyshots) to someone in the pile.

    And you cant say that officiating didnt dictate the outcome. The phantom clip cost us 7 points on the previous drive, the advertent oops i mean inadvertent whistle cost us the ball deep in their end of the field so you are talking about a huge swing in points and most importantly, momentum!

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