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Thread: Jerry McD: Russell could use a dose of Frye

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    Jerry McD: Russell could use a dose of Frye

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    He should get a shot of starting i am sure he will do great...listen he works his tail of....he realy wants it bad...make te call now cable...set an example to Russel he clearly lost confidence...( due to your O...but okay)
    Then you put a guy like Jason in the mix with them, who literally, if they wanted to go out and throw balls all day, he’ll go out with them, play catch, throw routes, work on ball handling, whatever- they are all kind of gym rats.

    On our new QB with his WR's...

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    Garcia should have come in Sunday. Letting him go was a stupid mistake if you ask me.

    The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer. - John Madden

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    Frye didn't impress me in the preseason games, but I guess that might have something to do with the fact that he was added a little later in the off-season and had to catch up playing with third-unit components.

    I don't love Grad either, but I think he puts the ball a little closer to the mark than Russell, which probably accounts for some of his INTs--it's hard to intercept the ball when you lead the receiver three yards out of bounds.

    I don't know. I've been down on Russell all season, but those drops were horrendous. How much can we expect from any QB?

    It bad, it reeeeeeeel bad.

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    my opinion

    frye will never become a star, but for now he is the only qb we have who can run the offense with some success. but doubt davis lets cable bench russell

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